1. Seug

    Shipping destinations other than at home (US)

    Hello Everyone, I know discrete shipping comes up a lot, but I don't see much talk about shipping to places where you can pick them up later. I found a thread here from 2008, but I don't know what has changed since then. My family is very nosy, and while they will not open stuff sent to me...
  2. R

    UPS Package Holding Help

    First I want to say I DID try to figure this out by myself but I can't. I have heard that UPS and other shipping locations will store your packages at the store and not take it to your house. The site I am going through ships through UPS only so can anyone tell me how this works or give me a...
  3. thatguy46

    Pull- ups for adults.

    Hey guys, I like goodnites but they are getting kinda small : ( so I was wondering if anyone makes an adult pull up like it that's bigger or if there are different brands that are larger? Thx in advanced
  4. Dan09

    Quick Question about XPMed/UPS Store

    Heya everyone. Forgive me if this has been asked before, but I have a question about the possibility of having XP Medical deliver not to my house, but rather to a local UPS Store where I would be able to pick up the package at my convenience (by biking there). Does anyone have any experience...
  5. ZombieHugs

    Bambino Case Size

    Well I just ordered a case of 64 diapers, which is more than normal for me... Anyways I've never ordered from Bambino either and was wondering what the approximate dimensions of the box are. You see, I live with my parents and despite my confidence in them not opening anything mailed to me, a...
  6. Rational

    GAH! Im going no die T.T

    From waiting for my abneas to come. Which i sent the mail order off on monday T.T(XP Medical) and im really not that far from where the order is going allso. I sent it off from oregon and its going to cali..... Its been 5 long days for it to come!! D<
  7. chevre

    The UPS Store / Package pickup

    So, has anyone here had any experience receiving packages through postal stores like the UPS store? Because right now I live alone and I'm not sure packages will be left at my apartment (and I work during business hours, duh I guess) so I can't really receive packages here. I noticed The UPS...