united states

  1. LesserRiking

    United States Fabine Distributor? (Survey Inside!)

    Hey, folks! My name's Casey. I'm a DL, I live in Utah, and I've lurked on ADISC for years before finally creating an account. I've been in talks with Buntewindel.de about becoming a United States authorized distributor so us ABDLs can get our hands on those damn elusive Fabines cheaper than 4...
  2. D

    World Military Strength Ranking

    Check out the stats I found on this website World Military Strength Ranking 1. U.S.A. 2. China 3. Russia 4. India 5. U.K. "The United States remains the undisputed leader of this list thanks to their staying "active" in global hotspots, showcasing the world's largest navy and continuing to...