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  1. NappiedInSussex

    Hi from England

    Hi everyone! I’m a healthcare professional, a reader, science geek and like gaming (although I have to limit my gaming time!) It’s really great to find a site like this- I don’t talk openly with anyone irl about this (in fact I’ve never told anyone) so finding somewhere to be open is great. I’d...
  2. daddy13

    Introduction - New ABDL in Cornwall, UK

    Hello, I am new to the world of AB/DL and would really like to speak to people to learn more about the lifestyle, perhaps find some friends who live in my area and hopefully one day a relationship with a likeminded person (preferably around my age). I am in my mid 20s, gay, hairy, intelligent...
  3. Spitfire153

    (UK) Pampers Baby Dry S8 vs Active Fit S6

    Provided you can fit the top end of baby nappies . Baby Dry Size 8 Pros : Long length , Longer Tabs Cons: Weak tab sticky , Weak landing zone glue , Thin width on tab leading to deforming Active Fit Size 6 Pros : Significantly Stronger tabs , Much stronger landing zone glue , Wide tab...
  4. LilPierre

    ABDL’s in Plymouth, UK

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if there is any ABDL’s out there who live in Plymouth, UK?! As I’m looking to make some new buddies. Thanks!
  5. V

    Hiya from England!

    Hi! I've been a DL for as long as I can remember, but I've never been able to indulge in it, since I lived with my parents. However, now that I've moved on to university, I'm excited about being able to finally experiment and explore this side of myself. With the move away from my home, I now...
  6. Angellothefox

    Are you coming to Confuzzled this year?

    Are you coming to confuzzled this year 2018! I just want to know whether you lil babyfurs and bigger diaperfurs will be there?
  7. KrazyBaby

    Hello! UK ABDL here :)

    Hey! My name is Geoff, I am from the UK and I am a straight adult baby. I am in a long term relationship, my gf is very loving and understanding and is actively involved with my adult baby lifestyle. For this I am very grateful. She is my mummy and changes me, bottle feeds me and role-plays...
  8. A

    does anyone know what the new 2017 Drynites look like

    I haven't been able to see the new diapers since i still have an outdated stash
  9. Angellothefox

    United Kingdom is it illegle to change or get changed in a public toilet?

    I do not usually go here on Weekdays, and I know that I should have put this in the mature sectore where politics, soicial justic get's talked about but I am putting it here. So I want to know is it against the law in the UK to change another adult nappy or be changed by a adult in a public...
  10. G

    Just a Quick Hello

    Hi All, Just popping in to say hi - Like many, I'm a long time lerker and I thought it was time to actually create an account. I leed an insanely busy life, so you probabily won't see me very often, however I would like to get involved when I have the time. Currently I live in London, and...
  11. XLdiapers

    Uk nappies

    I am interested to get a hold of the ASDA Little Angels Girls Day/Night Pants L/XL. Anyone here from the UK willing to acquire 3 packets of these and to sell to me? PM me if you are interested.
  12. S

    Obtaining Decent Diapers In The UK

    Hello all. Since Abena don't make the plastic backed X-Plus's in the UK any more, I've been finding sourcing and obtaining high quality, extremely absorbent diapers (nappies!) very tricky. I don't have a massive budget for premium DL diapers like the Cuddlz or to be able to order from...
  13. copper360

    (UK based question) Cheap teddy bear

    Hey guys and I want help. Me and my boyfriend have been texting and we have decided that we would meet in the first week end of february 6-8th. But here's the thing I want to him to get me something. a teddy to be exact cause I call him my teddy bear for a reasons but I say that I want to...
  14. B

    Little Ginger Baby Boy

    Hey diaper lovers! I am a normal 25 year old lad by day and a 5 year old little boy by night. I like to play computer and have fun with my friends. I don't have a mummy or daddy to take care of me, but I do have a boyfriend who does a pretty good job, he also like to play some times. Yay! I...
  15. C

    Heyyy :)

    Heyy :) im jack, kinda new to all this but ive known for a while i like diapers and being a little boy :) im from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK :) so drop me a message if you want to chat :) x
  16. Indianajones

    Nappies and Waist sizes (UK)

    Hello Kiddos! I'm considering getting some nappies, again, and I have questions about waist sizes. I am a 31" waist, and have previously had trouble with getting nappies to fit me :wallbash:. I've researched the diaper-tape extenders, but I was wondering whether it would be better if I was to...
  17. tiny

    Are these the old plastic-backed Abena M4s? Are they still available in the UK?

    My stockpile of the old plastic-backed Abena Abri-Form M4s is getting low and I was wondering whether I'm still in time to buy some before they disappear and are replaced by the Comfort/Premium lines...? I got them from Dorset Nursing Supplies before, and it looks like these (see below) are the...
  18. B

    The Old "where to get my diapers?" Question

    Just thought i'd ask your advice here, I thinking about getting up the corage to go a buy some diapers, but i wanna know what to get. The closest place i can think of is a local boots, what would you say is the best i can get there or is there a better place i should look. i live in the UK btw...
  19. S

    UK furs and Alcon 2010

    All right dudes and dudettes, hows it going? Just to first clear up that I am new here but I wont encourage welcomes and such on this thread as I have all ready made one in the intro section of the forums. Basically I just want to know if there are any furries that live in the UK who have...
  20. thanksforallthefish


    As I'm sure any Brits here would know, David Cameron is the leader of the fascist and etonian right winged Conservative party. And due to a recent unfortunate poster campaign, and some unscrupulous photoshopping skillz by the Tories, a recent trend on the internet has led to this gem of a site...