1. R


    Since my partner hates it when I wear diapers I've been on the lookout for something discreet. I saw D-Briefs advertised on TV and wondered if they were any good? I'm guessing the absorbency is limited but would anyone be fooled into thinking they were just normal underpants? Has anyone tried...
  2. R

    How do I say diaperd

    So I keep going back to underwear and diapers how do I not go back to underwear
  3. naughtybrat

    Where to get cute underpants? (in the UK)

    Hi fellow little's :) This is mostly a question for those based in the UK i will really appreciate any input x :) x Whilst I love wearing nappies often its not always practical to do so, I'm currently looking for some nice cute boxer shorts (maybe briefs) to fit a 28 to 30 inch waist. Does...
  4. Mikeyinundie

    New from Arizona

    Hi my name is Mikey and I live in Arizona. I'm gay, a diaper lover and love tighty whities too. I love to wet my bed. Huge fetish for underwear. Fun loving.
  5. Tylexon

    Training Pants.

    Can anyone recommend some nice training pants, I have seen a couple online but no one seems to write many reviews... Currently I'm looking at these: http://abdlfactory.com/trainingpants-for-adults-with-little-dinosaur-print
  6. kashi

    Need help with Pantie sizes

    Hello! So I've got a quick question I've done my measurements and done some minor sampling in the past though I'm still somewhat unsure of the sizing. My waist line is about 34 and my hips are roughly 37 in inches. My sizing tape is a tad off I think because I can wear jeans that are a 33...
  7. F

    Adult Pull Ups with Minimal Waistband?

    Hello, I wasn't sure where to post this (sorry if I'm in the wrong forum category), but I've been looking into the different pull-on diapers out there and I've ran into a little bit of a snag. I absolutely love GoodNites, but they're kinda small-ish. I can wear them, but they tear so easily...
  8. S

    Have you seen this? Drop Your Pants for Depends "Underwareness Campaign"

    Depend Underwareness I didn't see a post on it already so I figured I should start the discussion. While it may not be completely related to ABDL life, I found Depends Underwareness campaign quite intriguing. From a marketing perspective, it's genius. From a DL perspective, I'm hoping it'll...
  9. Owls

    Always discreet underwear

    I recently tried the always discreet underwear. I was a little worried because there for women but I was pleasantly surprised. Any one else tried them yet?
  10. PullupAndy

    Livdo Livdry Protective Underwear

    I'm considering buying a case of Livdry Protective Underwear (medium). I've never heard of these pullups before, but I found an excellent deal on them. While everyone else seems to sell them for >$1/brief, I've found that I can order them for about $0.60 each. The pullups themselves are...
  11. M

    Unexpected Diaper Find

    I am a realtor and one of my responsibilities as a foreclosure agent is to do valuations on properties with mortgages in default. I did an inspection today on a vacant home where the homeowner moved out over a year ago. As I was walking through the house, which was filled with abandoned junk...
  12. B

    Underwear inside diaper

    Hey Everyone, So I'm sitting here watching SNL, padded for the first time in pretty long. I was thinking to change this up tonight I would wear tiddie-whiteies or boxers under my diaper to hopefully give me a more wet sensation. What are your thoughts? Have any of you tried it, and if so, how...
  13. cheekymonkeys88

    Tena for Men Level 4 Protective Underwear in the UK

    Okay guys, just wondering if anyone's tried the Tena for Men Level 4 that are available at Boots or CHemistDirect? I believe they've been available in Europe and maybe the US for a while but this is the first time I've seen them here. Check out the links: TENA Men Protective Underwear Level 4 -...
  14. F

    New Depends underwear

    So I was in the store yesterday and came across depends underwear. It actually looks like undies for guys. I took a picture but can't upload at the moment because I am on my phone. Has anyone seen/tried these before?? I will upload picture at home.
  15. T

    Goodnites VS. Depends

    Title really says it all. Im heading to the store again in a couple days, and the question is, Goodnites, or the Depends brand Pullups. Post your opinion below of what I should get!
  16. L

    Anyone Try the Depends for Men Underwear in Color

    Hey Guys .... I was at the Store today and I really wanted to get a pack of the Depends for Men Underwear in Color ... but I want to see if anyone had tried them yet and what did they think .... I like the fact that they are somewhat cheap in price and come in cool colors.... like underwear...
  17. Drypered

    CVS refastenable underwear

    I saw a review of these: Daily Diapers Reviews - View Product but they weren't on the CVS website. Are they still sold in stores? I REALLY want these when I go back to the States. :sweatdrop: ---------- Post added 13-01-2011 at 03:43 PM ---------- Previous post was 31-12-2010 at 01:49 PM...
  18. goodnites2002

    Diaper print underwear

    Yeah. You read that right. Diaper print underwear. Not underwear printed diapers. Has anyone seen, or do people have a brainstorm idea for getting say white briefs and having kind of a faux diaper design printed on them to make them look like a diaper. I've thought about this or a couple...
  19. J

    hello from socal

    Hey everybody, My name is james and im from southern california. I am a Tb who likes to wear cartoon underwear. Most of the time i wear cartoon briefs over my diapers but sometimes i just wear just cartoon underwear to feel like a big boy but that doesnt last for long and its back to the diapers...
  20. Kid

    Cartoon Underwear, Diapers and me

    For at least the last 10 years I have worn toddler underwear (funpals, showtoons, gap, etc) and diapers. Not for any other reason but the feeling. I know it sounds crazy (hopefully not on this site). It started after some abuse occurred in which I dreamed of building a machine that could...