1. psychonautalis

    He Gets It... But, He Wants To Know Why

    Hello little and big friends, Just wanted to ask a few questions as to how you guys would answer this or respond if this were you... I've recently opened up to my partner about my diaper-wearing and my little side...and he gets it, I feel he really does. He validates me and listens...
  2. kik91

    Of Infantile Habits - Embracing the Fact that You Like Diapers

    So, after thinking a little, I've realized that I love ADISC. I've always come back here to seek support and be happy of being myself. That's what I've decided to post my book here, little by little, so you can ALL help me hone it before I release it to the world! I think that since the majority...
  3. Sitherus

    The common mans view on Diaper/ Adult baby fetishism.

    after searching the web for the stuff that i search for, every once in a while i come across topics about the infintilism and AB/DL or adult diaper fetishism. Most of these sites are stupid (people talking about banning adult diapers per house hold or the "I just found out..." bs) but every so...
  4. janus80

    Hi There.

    I am Seanas, I'm shy, i live with parents still and i work as a sanitation engineer at a doctors office. I play second life as a little cub fennec and as my main fursona i am a Squirrel that is in 20s (my RL age) This is going to be a bit more than an introduction but i really need help before i...
  5. P

    Not sure a about myself

    This only started out as a diaper fetish for me when I was around 11 or 12. The last year or so I was a actually able to buy diapers. As I've been wearing them out of the house more often, I've started to realize how convenient they are and I've become more comfortable with how they feel. The...
  6. BabyMitchy

    Understanding Adult Babies & Diaper Lovers Explained

    Understanding Adult Babies & Diaper Lovers Explained (It's widescreen so it looks best viewed in full screen.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xj02Tjd9oKo Happy New Year!
  7. Sitherus

    new york furries

    Recently I visited newyork city on vacation and walked through the streets of Manhatan. I realized something, there are alot of furries their or just lots of people in big friendly furry suits. I was wondering something, I dont consider myself a furry as of yet but I was wondering If the people...
  8. Pramrider

    Another ? If You Were an AB/DL Parent

    How would you handle your child bringing up the subject on their own? For example, he/she might come home from school one day and say, "Weirdest thing I saw....this other kid stooped down to tie a shoelace and I saw the top of a diaper showing above his pants. Really strange, eh?" How would you...