1. jter42

    Traumatizing events leading to actual mental/physical regression.

    Well in the past 2 years many things have happened to me that have been huge changes in my life. 1 of the big one's is my mom buying a farm and moving. Which the result was me living on my own paying bills at age 16 and through 17. I was so, so, alone in that place. It was living hell, sometimes...
  2. O

    Acceptance, Understanding, Living, As A Diaper Lover

    My Name is Quinn I have come to understand that i am an Diaper lover. I am now trying to get information and learn as much as i can about who i am and about the rest of my fellow DL'S ---------- Post added at 08:36 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:33 PM ---------- My Name is Quinn I am...
  3. ab1966

    This is not a fetish

    I have read numerous of forums were someone pleads for help on getting there spouse to understand there infantile needs. Most seem to end up in divorce because there spouse sees it as a fetish and wants nothing to do with it. Once someone sees something as a fetish. They don't want to know...