1. Prairie

    If Pampers Easy Ups elastic siding could be used for UnderJams

    I noticed that Pampers Easy Ups has some superior elastic siding/waist. The construction seems to be elastic fibers which take the tension, and an excess of the nonwoven material that bunches up into the folds you see. I wonder whether they will eventually move this over to UnderJams, with their...
  2. G

    Anyone having a hard time finding underjams?

    I can’t hardly find underjams! I usually head to Walmart for these but between jobs that span 300 miles across Idaho, I can’t find a single Walmart that stocks underjams. Anyone know what’s going on?? Thanks in advance!!
  3. T

    Where to find Underjams?

    Hi there, I'm from the UK, and I've just woken up in wet Pampers Size 7, which is currently my primary nappy. I'm quite small for my age, and don't think I would fit in adult nappies, so I prefer baby nappies to be honest. I've been looking to try all the pull ups recently, and I can't find...
  4. Cambridgeone

    In love with Underjams <3

    I have been a longtime user of Drynites and come across an opportunity to get a a whole box of 49 Underjams for free so thought I would give them a go! After hearing all the horror stories of ripping sides I was dubious, wore them for the first time last night and I am so happy with them! Yes...
  5. Drrockclub

    Brand new Underjams Design on Ebay

    Looks like Underjams have finally updated their design and these are awesome. Check it out https://www.ebay.com/i/253162943593
  6. ShortGuy

    Got my G.OONs "baby" diapers, pic and some comparison pics

    Hey all. Just got my GOO.N diapers, ordered from Germany. Just thought to show it with some comparison with a few other known and unknown diapers. From left to right Goo.n Super Big XXL, DryNites L-XL boys, Girls underjams L-XL, Kiwisto size 7, Pampers Baby dry 6 Only managed to upload one...
  7. R

    Fitting into underjams?

    Hey all. I realize that this has been discussed before, however, i need some clarification. I am a male that fits perfectly into xl goodnites, (Some wiggle room) will i at least fit into the Underjams for a short period of time until they tear? or will they straight up not fit? I have very...
  8. C

    Trying out different diapers.

    So recently I have been wondering how well different disposable diapers fit me. Instead of asking people here for their opinions, I've decided to take matters into my own hands. The diapers that I have tried are store bought. The diapers include, Pampers Cruisers size 6 (couldn't find size 7 in...
  9. ram15l

    Question about Underjams and Jet.com

    The underjams question has to do with did they fix the issue of the sides where they connect to the front would tear after a couple of hours ?? I noticed they updated them that's why i ask The Jet.com question is has anyone used them if so do your items come in plain boxes or how does it work...
  10. T

    Please help create a "brief" history of GoodNites/DryNites/UnderJams

    A couple weeks ago, I splurged on a partial pack of girls GoodNites from IIRC 2007. I don't know why I was so interested in getting a hold of those "vintage" GoodNites, but it got me wondering if there was a place to see all the designs of "big kids" bedwetting underpants through the years...
  11. MellowYellow

    Which do you prefer Underjams or Goodnites?!?

    I want to know which you prefer Huggies Goodnites or Pampers Underjams and why you have that opinion, as well list pros and cons of either one then I'll give you my opinion :D
  12. MellowYellow

    Salutations! AB/DLs

    Hello this is my first post and I'd love to introduce myself to the community. First offid like to thank all the viewers that checked this post I am humbled by the time taken to put the research in. I am student of the game of curling (with brooms and rocks) I am also an avid gamer. The games...
  13. paddedkitten

    Baby Baby Diapers

    I recently purchased a package of Huggies Goodnites L/XL and I fell in love. Because I liked them so much, I began researching similar types of diapers and pull-ups big enough to fit an adult waist, but made for babies and teens. I'm mainly interested in physical appeal and fit than absorbency...
  14. D

    Well Beginnings Sleep Pants

    So I was looking on the Walgreens website and found their version of Goodnites and they are much cheaper. I was wondering if there were any differences between the different packages and/or if anyone has tried these recently cause they claim to be "new and improved" while reviews since don't...
  15. DryNites92

    My Opinion of UnderJams

    So the other day I finally got my hands on a pack of Pampers UnderJams (Size L/XL - Girls). They don't ordinarily sell them in Australia, but I was travelling at the time and managed to find them in a supermarket in Switzerland. I have to say, I was definitely optimistic and greatly looking...
  16. T

    Underjams for the UK!

    Just been to the local Tesco, they currently have all 4 varieties of Pampers Underjams on special offer £3 pk/10. Bought one pack of boys l/xl will try them out later :)
  17. NarutoChillstep

    Undejams Or Goodnites

    What do you like better Undejams or Goodnites? I like underjams because there thicker and hold more but they run kinda small. Goodnites are a really good fit but leak easily.
  18. turtleie

    GN Boxers (I know there's other threads about this... read it anyways!)

    I found some old threads comparing the goodnites briefs and the boxers, but nobody has really said anything about the boxers, its all about the briefs. So, has anyone tried them, and if so, if you can fit into the briefs with a bit of a stretch, can you fit into the boxers? Im going on a diaper...
  19. nyah

    undergams (the pampers size 8, drynights equilevent) in the UK

    well there is a tread about wilkisons stors having theas but also boots are doing them and on offer, im kinda excited to see them here as the piks i have seen of thire designs look prety dam good http://images.amazon.com/images/G/01/hpc/detail-page/module_product_tour_underjamsboy.jpg...
  20. T

    I'm an ab...and proud of it. :)

    I'm new to the board (but been around the ab/dl community for years). This is certainly the place to be, where activity and functionality meet. I live in Toronto (no kidding..check the nickname) and have always enjoyed being diapered whenever I can. At this point in my life, I keep myself...