1. Hex

    Looking for a new linux distro

    For the last 6 months, I've been on Ubuntu for my main Linux system. Now ubuntu's great and all, but it has some weaknesses. The repos suck big time (I've had to manually install some software to get the latest versions), and at least for me, the graphics card drivers need some work. So, I'm...
  2. jasonthebeast

    On a Mission; Cheap Laptop

    2 years ago, I ordered a dell laptop, which sucked, was slow, and worthless. I traded it to my dad for $500 and brought a desktop. 2 months ago I was hit by several trojans and Windows went to hell, at that time I learned I should of had protection. I then searched around for my Ubuntu CD, I...
  3. Jeremiah

    Ubuntu (Linux) and IRC chat problem

    I have a problem with Ubuntu (currently 7.10, but should be 8.04 tomorrow). The IRC chat directions listed do not match what Gaim Instant Messenger requests. Can anyone provide directions for a very new Ubuntu user to set up the IRC for #ADISC? Also, what software is recommended for Linux...