1. Demonbabywearspamps

    Does tykables ever have sales?

    With Black Friday coming up I'm wondering if places like Tykables or ABU have Black Friday sales or anything like that?
  2. Demonbabywearspamps

    Tykables B grade?

    Is tykables B grade worth it? I want to get 4 bags of Overnights B grade and I'm worried about the defects that I could get with them.
  3. dlguy4life

    Tykables Blanket Question

    I have never bought a blanket from Tykables so I am not sure if this is how these blankets are manufactured but I wanted to ask others that might also have their blankets. My Puppers blanket arrived today. As you can see in the attached photos, the close up image designs on the blanket look...
  4. KitsuneFox

    Same Diaper ? Rearz Overnight & Tykables Waddle Cut

    . In today's global economy, it is very common to find several brands having their products manufactured by the same facilities in China or other countries. This practice is referred to as " Privet Label " or " Privet Brand " production. According to public US Customs records, both Tykables and...
  5. Forsite-AMPM-pleine-05.jpg


    Red plastic pants from Fabimonti (Germany) under Tykables Overnights bodysuit.
  6. Forsite-AMPM-pleine-04.jpg


    Tykables Overnights bodysuit under "Tiger" yellow terrycloth shorts.
  7. Demonbabywearspamps

    New Tykables diaper?

    Is anyone going to try or already bought and tried Tykables new little builders diapers? I'm thinking about buying some in XL.
  8. Austen00

    Tykables shortage

    Ok so I’m about to go to bed when I realized I’m down to my last tykables in my house and I won’t take truck diapers because well you know they are for work so I’m gonna have to use my space at night now kind of sad because I love the night time comfyness of an overnight so I’m gonna wear it...
  9. T

    Tykables Smell?

    Hi, am kinda new and not sure about posting here, but I got a trial pack of the Tykables Little Builder and Waddler and when using the Waddler I noticed a very strong odor, similar to paint thinner emitting from the diaper. Their site will not let me post a review so figured I'd post here...
  10. Jdp

    Anyone else have issues with Tykable diapers?

    I tried the PLeather diapers Tykables had, and they were just ok. I had problems with leaks and the tapes breaking every once in a while when I put them on. I haven't tried anything else until now and ordered a trial of Waddlers and Builders. I had the same issues as before with leaking and...
  11. ZetaSonic

    My Tykables Came In!

    Just received a ten-pack of Overnights that I ordered at the end of December. I initially wanted to try out ABU Cushies as my first *BDL diaper, but they were out of stock in my size. Tykables was my second choice. I was blown away. My biggest concern about wearing them was the fact that they...
  12. Z

    Visited an ABDL store in Albany, NY

    So I've read a lot about an ABDL store that is somewhat near my house, a little over an hour drive, and decided why not take a little trip on over since pretty much every medium ABDL diaper has been out of stock and the store had many available. Faced my fears since this was a first for me...
  13. ZetaSonic

    Tykables inbound!

    Next week, I get a pack of Tykables Overnights. It'll be the first *BDL diaper I've ever tried. This was my second choice after my talk with Dad. My first choice, Cushies, did not have my size in stock. These are going to be my first *BDL diaper, and I'm excited. I've heard good things about...
  14. ProudPaddedBro

    Tykables Shipping Updates

    Since there are are a couple of threads mentioning it but not one specifically for it, figured I'd start a thread where we can follow what's going on with Tykables. Today's update: website went from saying Overnights would ship today to being delayed until 11/1. Has anyone on the west coast...
  15. ThePaddedPuppy

    Tykables Review

    Check out my review on Tykables Overnights and custom clothing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQ8daFxDr58 These are really good everyday wear, at a good price, with amazing customer service. I am not affiliated with Tykables in anyway. Review on Tykables Jeans coming up in the next...
  16. ThePaddedPuppy

    Tykables Exposed

    Recently there has been an uproar in local residents regarding the Tykables store located in Mount Prospect, Illinois. Some of you may already know that in April, Tykables opened up a store in the Chicagoland area. Being a Chicago resident myself, I have visited this store and in no way shape or...
  17. kashi

    Tykables Overnights Versus ABU Lavenders

    Hello, When people start getting them and have the ability to I'd really appreciate a comparison of the ABU lavender to the Tykables overnights. I primarily wear the overnights and I adore them, but the Lavenders are super cute and I'd like to try them. They cost about the same so I'm...
  18. tomviper000

    Tykables scene extender (all white)?

    I was looking on their website today and don't see the all white diaper (scene extender) anymore. Did they get rid of that one too, or just out of stock? Nothing I see on the site explains... I only see the overnight version available.
  19. D

    Big Order

    So I haven't posted in a while but I thought this would be a good occasion. I just made a pretty big order and part of it shipped just a few minutes ago. I ordered 50 Tykables Overnights and a combo case of 40 Space and 40 Little Pawz from ABU. :thumbsup: I am really excited to get these...