1. ben10hnt

    Tumblr gone forever

    Tumblr is banning adult contents on their platform. Where is everybody moving to now? Instagram, Twitter, etc?
  2. F

    What are your fav ABDL/DDLG/CGL YouTube channels/Blogs/Instas etc?

    I know there's been a few posts somewhat like this in the past but the most recent is almost a year old and I'm not sure the creators in them are still active and only seemed to include YT. Whats your fav abdl/cgl media sources? I'd love to read more blogs and watch more vids, especially from...
  3. InTheOtherWorld0412

    A Diaper Brand

    When I was looking on tumblr, I saw some lovely and cute designs of hearts and purple circles and peace logos on a feminine nappy on a photo. I wish to buy these in the UK, where about and what is the brand? Source link:-...