1. LimeBloodedNoir

    Diapered in The Bath Tes

    This is a test on how to see how diapers react to bathtime!!! Test 1 Depends ??/??/2017 Shower test It did fine. The water didn't get in the diaper much at all!!! :D It didn't bust! Although it was quite hot and heavy! Test 2 Depends ??/??/2017 Bathtime Test It was fine and dry. Until...
  2. nikthewerelion

    diaper explding in the tub

    so i took a shower with my diaper on and i kinda forgot that it could explode. it got filled up with water and i decided to lay down and wait for the water tostart filling the tub and i think thats what did it cuz a lot of the stuffing spilled out. lucky not much water was in the tub but it was...