1. babyboy061997

    Stuffer absorbency

    I was wondering which is a better stuffer for absorbency, the goodnites trufit or tena overnight pads, and is there any difference in absorbency between the small and the large trufit pads
  2. PaddedWife

    goodnites true fit

    just wondering what size waste these will work for if anyone has an idea
  3. 1

    Goodnites trufit pads

    So I currently have normal boys goodnites, trufit pads, and trufit underwear. The trufit are awesome and hold a lot (more then the normal goodnites) but you can't really poop in them with just a pad inside. I normally use regular goodnites for messing. I would like to try doubling up, but I'm...
  4. T

    Goodnites Trufit first impressions

    I just got the starter pack of Goodnites Trufit. Overall, they are a little snug, but they don't cause any lines on my body, so they are not too tight. After testing out (both ways), the pad insert holds a decent amount, and it actually held ALL of the pee when I wet it while sitting down, and...