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  1. PCBaby

    My Early Life part two - A true story.

    My Early Life, Part two – a True story. February 1970, I had just been placed in a children’s home in Wellington, Shropshire (UK). Having had a fairly traumatic and eventful 3 months or so, I was not really prepared to be thrust into a house with about 16 other children and anywhere up to 8...
  2. PCBaby

    My Early Life part one. True story.

    My Early Life Part one – A true story. I was born on the 2nd May 1955 to Mavis and Donald Clarke, in a city called Bradford (West Yorkshire) in the North of England (UK). My earliest memory is of sitting in a bed sit (very small apartment) with my mum listening to Petula Clark on the radio...
  3. BusterBunny

    Finding Out Quite Late?

    Hey guys, this is gonna be somewhere between a monologue about how I found out I was ABDL and an ask, so bear with me! I actually found out quite late in the game, unlike some of you who found an interest in padding and being a baby around early childhood to early teens, I found out at around...
  4. SimCo

    My ABDL Story: A Memoir

    This post is meant to be a catharsis of my 31 years of experience as a secret ABDL. It is pretty long, but I plan to share this story in hopes of promoting a better understanding of our community by the medical/psychiatric community, so I wanted to be comprehensive. This post is mainly for the...
  5. MetalMann

    A True Sighting of an Adult Baby when I was Young.

    When I was 14 (about 12 years ago) I worked at a donut shop that my mother had worked at I got in trouble in school and started working there. Anyways... I seen to men walk in an older guy and a 20-30ish year old dressed in shortalls with lots of primary colors including a hat. I think he had a...