1. SmolPupprrito

    Diapered Drivers

    Sooo my dream job is to become a truck driver, i looove big boy toys and being behind the wheel of all sorts of machines onna daily basis, am only a forklift driver at the moment but have spent alotta time on the roads previously driving smaller vehicles with an offsider in the passenger seat...
  2. SeaLionMan1982

    Little trucks

    Anyone else like little trucks? I have a 1995 Nissan Hardbody Pickup Truck it’s my baby I cal him Kermit, I also own a 2007 Mazda6 car.
  3. Hyperlitegreen

    I go into small town pharmacies for an adventure

    Everytime I go on a road trip such as going from Dallas to Houston, I always pullout my iphone and key in "medical supply" or "pharmacy". In the middle of nowwhere, google maps always identifies a small town pharmacy or medical supply near the surrounding small towns. I actually take the time...
  4. M

    2005 GMC Sierra Work Truck Door Buzzer

    Anyone know how to remove the very loud door buzzer?
  5. Pramrider

    Doorstep Diaper Service

    How many of you remember the cloth diaper services that used to operate in most urban areas? I say *remember* because I don't know if any still exist with the vast majority of households using disposables in the US. They were still around in Baltimore as late as the mid-1970s because a friend of...