1. B

    I ThinkI'm In Trouble =S

    I think I'm in trouble =S I've had to start wearing 'extra protection' ousted the house due to a tummy problem. This is about my 3rd day of wearing. I went to Halfords to look at some stuff for my car and before I knew it a big mess was already starting to push its way out into my nappy. I...
  2. diaperedteenager

    Major Computer Helped Needed!

    So I have a computer question for you. I got a call from work today telling that there were duplicate files made of documents on a computer(We'll call it Kelly's computer) that were found in a "Shared Folder" on one of our other computers up front. Melissa went into the shared folder to delete...
  3. S


    okay okay how many things do i have to post before my pictures unlock >.> its really annoying