travelling in diapers

  1. EcoIncon

    Spending 12 days in Maui

    I've got a trip to Maui coming up and I need to pack too many diapers to check luggage. I can't find a place in Maui to buy anything but Depends/Store brands and I really don't want to pack cloth (who wants to do laundry on vacation???). Anybody got a good hack to solve this problem?
  2. C

    Travelling abroad and how to pack your diapers?

    I'm going for 2 weeks vacation on Tenerife this summer how many diapers should I pack I'm talking planning to take ABU SDK v2. X20 Cushies X10 Simple with Husky playtime and Beach Fennec stickers X 15 and 10 Pre schools with pvc. Totalling 55 diapers will this be enough for 2 weeks holiday? How...