1. NinaAlex

    One step closer -or- Orchiectomy

    I've recently (12th of August) had an orchiectomy. The surgery itself wasn't long, I was awake an hour later, and while pain was quite bad the first day, it got much better by evening. The next day, pain was minimal and easily managed with OTC meds. I had some smaller issues wearing diapers...
  2. L

    Hello everyone!

    Hi my name is Bree, I a mature full time transgender women very out and proud . My ABDL interest have really reinforced my belief in living authentically and positively and would love meeting people local to Chicago and online. My passions include artistic photography, film and design. I am a...
  3. KittyninjaW

    I hate things I cannot control

    Hello everyone, First off I am having problems accepting myself, and It is effecting my family, Mostly becuse I don't know what myself is I don't know If I am trans or a little girl or a sissy. But One thing I do know is that I want to be a little girl and wear diapers all day and be doted on by...
  4. KittyninjaW

    A bit of an update.

    Hello everyone, First off, I am sorry I haven't been responding much, I have just been busy working on a video for my youtube channel, and I kinda have been getting distracted. Anyway, First off I managed to buy panties from Wal-mart and get the size right the first time! Second off, I managed...
  5. KittyninjaW

    What do you think of my new avatar?

    Hello, It's me. I have a new avatar that I fell somewhat fits my neko/girly true self. I wasn't sure about it at first, but I feel I enjoy it. So what do you think of it? Also I am still not sure that I am tg or just a sissy, but I do know that whatever I am I am me.
  6. KittyninjaW

    I have been a jerk and want to apoligise.

    Hello Everyone, First off, I truly feel I have been a jerk to some of you and I truly apologise for it. To be honest, I have been going through a tough time, as of recent with grades and my brother betraying me, and my grandmother being her way that I kinda got frustrated. to be honest, I...
  7. Q

    Looking for advice regarding SO as an ABDL

    Hi, all. My apologies in advance if this gets rant-y or whiny. I've been with my boyfriend for over 2 years. I love him dearly. About a year ago I caught him wearing a diaper for the first time. Not a huge shock because I have friends who are ABDL and he had hinted that he was interested. I...
  8. fixedpuppy

    Arf! Padded puppy says hi

    Rarf, arf! Hi everybody! My name is Lydia. I'm a seeing eye human-pup livng in southern Idaho with my sight-impaired soulmate. I feel very secure in fabric diapers, flats and AIOs alike. I'm also transexual. To say the least I confuse people, lol.
  9. ABAlex2

    Meg and Zoey

    The rays of the morning sun poured in through the window and into the eyes of the two girls. One, a thin brown haired girl named Zoey, had once been called a boy. However, few could make that mistake now with her effeminate features and hourglass shape. The other, Meg, was biologically a girl...
  10. Transponyprincess

    Gender transition and interest in diapers

    I was wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar to this... I know I haven't exactly been active on these forums lately. I feel like I've lost my interest in diapers after I started HRT for transitioning from male to female. I was wondering if this is a common thing to happen or if it...
  11. SBLeslie

    Passed for a girl... wasn't trying...

    Interesting (pleasant) surprise I had last night at a football game. I went to the concessions and the person there called me ma'am and "she" even after I had told them what I wanted. I was wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a jacket! Certainly a pleasant surprise. Does anyone else have any...
  12. RileyKilo

    Vice interviews diapergirl Riley Kilo!

    Hey there friends! I was recently contacted by VICE about contributing to an advice column about AB/DL relationships. They liked my thoughts so much they turned it into a straight-up interview! I present to you VICE meets Riley Kilo <3 Chatting with Riley Kilo: the Diaper-Lovin NSFW!!!
  13. Kiani

    I Need Prom Dress Help! :)

    So, as many of you may or may not know, I was born male, but am starting the transition process to become female! I am very exited about this and am becoming more and more comfortable in my own skin. While I am not "out" officially yet as transgender in school I do wear somewhat "girly" clothing...
  14. A

    Hi from the UK

    Hi all. I would just like to quickly introduce myself. I guess I am more of a diaper lover than an AB, although I am not averse to being a sissy now and then. I am transgender and present as female most of the time. I am also of relatively mature years - unfortunately. Don't often get the...
  15. PurplePanda

    Old time member, starting anew.

    Hello everyone! I'm Brendan, but you MAY know me better as Mitsukuni. I've actually been around the forums since about 2008! I left for a long time. A really long time. A lot of things happened since I left ADISC about a year and a half ago. At first, I started to have a major binge on...
  16. B

    Newby - Transgendered and Confused as hell!

    Hey! Im Niki, male in sex but unsure in gender. Sort of in the middle. A self-discovery is needed there, whenever I get that privilege and privacy. Anyway, Nice to meet you all! I’m 17, almost 18, into diapers, sissification, femdom, bondage and various other kinks! [Removed] So yeah, happy...
  17. CharliePup

    Feedback Requested (Query?): Limited 'sex' options

    When I first joined ADISC, one of the things I liked was the diverse option we could choose for 'sex'; most forums totally discount transpeople. My partner (who is MtF) could be honest about both her biological sex and her desired one, for instance. However, now all we have is 'male', 'female'...
  18. PunkBoiSeth

    I commonly see MTF AB/DLs, but how about FTMs?

    Hello everyone. This is a subject that I've pondered over for a while now. In all the different AB/DL forums I've visited, I see a myriad of males who enjoy playing as females during a state of regression. Something I haven't seen much of are folks like me; females that enjoy regression as a...