1. sidewinder400

    Hypno/Training Videos. Do they work?

    I've been using 'sissy hypno' or 'sissy hypnosis/training" videos for quite some time now. I don't know how effective they are, might just be a placebo effect. But I find them very helpful when working out or just meditating. What is everyone's experience with them? Any suggestions? I prefer the...
  2. C

    Start bedwetting a diaper

    I’ve only recently got into wetting Tena super diapers and I find it pretty easy to let go and pee into the diaper but I’d really like to have the ability to go to sleep dry and wake up wet or while wetting. Does anyone know any methods or techniques on how to force it or influence it.
  3. Tylexon

    Training Pants.

    Can anyone recommend some nice training pants, I have seen a couple online but no one seems to write many reviews... Currently I'm looking at these:
  4. begard

    Diaper Training and pavlov

    So I stumbled on this idea rather inadvertently and thought I should share. Not sure if it's come up before It will most likely help other newbies struggling to break their program and retrain their body to wet in any position. The Pavlovian response is where you train your body to link two...
  5. wwetbed

    Is there a trend of more kids having delayed potty training in the UK and elsewhere? (please give your comments)

    My friend shared an article with me today, and I thought I'd make a posting about it if it wasn't already on the site (if it is, ADMINS: feel free to delete this posting). According to "The Daily Mail", more parents are busy and delaying potty training longer now then ever before. This is...
  6. PetPuppyAlex

    Strength Training?

    Anyone have a good strength training workout regimen that's solely based on body weight? I want to be stronger and more fit all around, but I don't have weights or access to them anywhere nearby. Nor the money to buy them. I run, and I've done weight training for about 5 weeks now, but I don't...