1. neaendr

    wonderful vintage activity centers

    Lucky me! Recently i bought for almost nothing, two vintage fisher price activity centers. Seen these toys was a real memory trigger; I knew and played with these models in a place where I spent my holidays with my siblings and cousins, it was some really idyllic summers, my most beautiful...
  2. blablafreckenlover

    an easy way to make an incognito baby leash or child safety harness

    Just thought I would share my knowledge on how to make a crude baby leash using ropes and harbinger clips. This design is loosely based off of the harnesses on this site: Child Safety Harnesses for baby, toddler, older child, Special Needs. Child Harness, Toddler Harness, Autism Harness, Older...
  3. jackalpup

    is this over the top

    a few weeks ago i was out shopping and passed by the pet isle and saw a squeaky ball and got curious i got it and now im adicted to the sound of it i love hearing the little squeak i tried chewing on it and its not that it tastes bad but i can see why dogs love them soo much is this too weird?
  4. Altric

    Playing With Food

    After I eat a meal, I find that if there is any food left on my plate I didn't eat, I can't help but play with it. I poke it with utensils, add stuff to it, put it in a glass, and mix it up, etc... I know that it is sometimes disgusting, but I like to play with food. I do the same thing with...