tommee tippee

  1. ORBaby

    Tommee Tippee manufactures 20 year old discontinued design for autistic boy.

    Check out this story, some companies do care.
  2. B

    Diaper Disposal system/can?

    I'm working in a Café, we've got these Sangenic litter bins for diaper disposal... so... I was wondering if anyone has tried out Tommee Tippee's Sangenic Hygiene Plus or any products that works the same way? Is this suitable for disposing of adult diapers? Are there any other products that is...
  3. BabyJ316

    Tommy Tippee Free Air vs C AIR

    I've tried looking for information, and comparing images an such, but I was wondering if anyone knew how the Tommee Tippee C-Air and Free Air soothers compared? It appears that they might be the same; just different names for different countries. There was a thread on here awhile back, with at...