1. BurgundyRose


    Not too long ago I told somebody I'm close to about being little and there were some misunderstandings and questions at first. I don't think I was the best at answering them either and I'm not sure they understood the full scope of what that meant, or at least what I understand it to mean, but...
  2. nightfox320

    Girlfriend Backlash!

    So I posted earlier this year or possibly near the end of last year concerning me coming out as and AB/DL to my girlfriend. She took it well but never mentioned or wanted to talk about it after that afternoon. So for the last couple of months I assumed she was cool with it. So last week, seeing...
  3. xtrabulk

    Being told to put on a diaper

    Several times since coming out to my very understanding wife, she has told me, or suggested strongly, that I put on a diaper. The first time was when I was stressing out badly about a work issue. She said, "You're just stressed and sad, honey. Why don't you put on a diaper?" The thing is, at...
  4. Kyatto

    So happy right now ^^

    I just told one of my friends, we have a very big trust in each other, so I linked her the wikifur article on Babyfurs and told her to read it and said that's what I am. I got so nervous at this point >.< The message i got back made me beam with joy, she said 'Aww thats really cute and don't be...
  5. Kyatto

    I Told my friends :D

    My friends were all discussing what there fetishes and stuff are, when it got to me, i said it's not a fetish as such, but i'm a furry. I didn't even bother them that much, even though i really needed a drink after that xD my face was completely red. They still dunno that i'm a bf though. Im not...