1. C

    Hello fellow members of Adisc

    Greetings to you all. My name is Chris and I have very recently discovered Adisc. I am a french 29 years old men and I have been fascinated by diapers from a very early age. English is not my native language so I do apologize in advance for the many mistakes that I will likely make in the...
  2. Yawen

    Where to buy thick adult diapers in Tokyo?

    Has any one bought adult diapers in Tokyo? Could you give me some tips? Where can I find high quality, thick diapers there? Which brands are good and where to get them? I've heard of Unicharm which seems to be one of the biggest companies: Business Operations | About Us | Unicharm Company...
  3. SlowBro

    Anime/Manga ban in Tokyo

    Yeah I searched the forum and couldn't find anything about this so I thought I'd tell the community. Anyway, in Japan they are giving publisher's until April 11, 2011 to regulate itself and tone down on sexual themes and content. And starting July 1, 2011 those breaking those rules will be...