1. M

    That moment

    I sit with my laptop on my bed, reading and writing to our lovely community, and then suddenly a feeling down my tummy tells me that I have to break it - and go to the toilet. Ugh, wish I had a diaper on right now... Did you experience similar things?
  2. Paxe

    Toilets, potties and pans - do you enjoy toileting in places other than your nappy?

    I was always fascinated by nappies, but before I got into wearing them in my early teens I enjoyed using toilets and potties and generally doing wees and poos in fun and novel ways. Wearing and using nappies developed from that, soon to become my overall favourite way of relieving myself, with...
  3. C

    First paci and bottle along with more diapers

    I went to cvs the other night and I decided to buy myself something I wasn't too sure If I wanted wipes so my diaper changes will be easier or a pacifier or a bottle...I found myself looking around the baby section for a good 5 minutes before I came to a decision I chose a NUK pacifier I think...
  4. Musketeer

    Makeshift Diapers?

    What do you guys use when/if you have no diapers? Personally, I use toilet paper :P (which won't hold much)
  5. leicesterfan

    Diapers in Public Toilets

    I'm sure I've seen this thread before but I can't find it anywhere. I have been across to ASDA today and whilst I was there, I needed to pee. So I went to the toilets but as I walked towards the gents, I saw the baby-changing toilet and I couldn't resist going in. When I was in there, I saw...