1. xionghaizi

    though who like to eat toddler snacks.

    I've read somewhere on here where people talking about how safe eating whole box of toddler snacks, this video was in my recommended videos, and it reminded me of a post on here, so eat responsibly. i get the sesame Street abc cookies occasionally theyre my favorite...
  2. TabulaRasa2017

    New milestone - wore my first footie pjs with diaper!

    My posts since joining ADISC have been about self-acceptance and therapy. I decided I need to take the next step and just post about something fun. Well, who else can I share this with that would really get it if not all of you? :smile1: So, I bought my first footie pjs as an adult. I hadn't...
  3. B

    I want a sippy cup! D: helpp

    Hi! So I wanna buy a sippy cup! Iv'e never bought one before so should i buy an adult baby sippy cup or is a legit toddle sippy cup a better idea? Also any suggestions would be awesome :D I like babyish and girly ^^
  4. LittleBelle


    Hello :) I have a question for you all, what is your little age? what activities do you do associated with that (Wearing diapers, drinking from bottles, pacifiers, etc)? and what do you consider yourself and why (little, AB, DL, etc)? Sorry for all the questions but I guess I am trying to see...
  5. L

    Little Chris - Coming to Understanding

    My name is Chris. I do not consider myself any of the standard labels (Adult Baby, Little, Diaper Lover). I am a 22 year old boy. Perhaps a 22 year old mommies boy who never had proper adult figures. Oddly I do not remember most of my childhood before the age of 13. Pretty much blocked out other...
  6. Coney

    Where to go to find a good "Daddy"

    Now that I'm completlely with terms with my ab/dl-dom, I really want to try to find a "daddy" any suggestions on how/where I should look :)
  7. Piplup

    Does anyone else normally dress "toddlerish?"

    So yesterday in one of my classes, we got on the very unrelated topic of wardrobes and how some people in the class dress. First one of my good friends was brought up: she likes to dress very girly. You know, skirts, nice shirts, heels, etc. Then how I dress was mentioned, and it was pretty...
  8. B

    The Dangers of Potty Training Too Early

    Hey all, I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but this article provides very sound reasoning from a pediatric urologist on why parents should leave their kids in diapers until at least the age of 3, and how early potty training may lead to more frequent accidents and bed wetting. Super...
  9. MorbidAngel

    Toys for Baby Girl

    I want to get my Baby girl some toys to play with while I'm busy around the house. She regresses anywhere from 1-4 years. What are some fun ideas?
  10. FievelandTonyAB93

    In regards to role playing as a baby/toddler

    I like to ask you an interesting question that I think we ABs like to share. If any of you like to role play as a baby/toddler before having to go to work or something, how long do you enjoy role playing a day? For those who have never role played like I haven't, how long would you want to enjoy...
  11. danhardysalvatore

    grown up life getting in the way :(

    I want most deffinately to be a diapered Toddler all the not trying to make myself just not going to use the big kid potty. But at the moment im not managing too - the last few weeks in the uk have been so hot it was unbarable at work in diapers with no aircon. And work...
  12. danhardysalvatore

    i dont want incontinence,thats not toddler like.its different

    I consider myself a toddler.about 3.i dont want to wet or mess without knowing (apart from when im asleep).i dont thats how an unpotty trained toddler is.i think its more they feel the need to go but cant hold on and have accidents.i want this,but i think hypnosis would just reduce me to a...
  13. Jdp

    Growing up in AB age

    Forgive me if there is already a thread, but I didn't see it if so. I have experienced in the last 3 years that I have kind of grown out of certain desires as almost if growing up. I have always been into bottles and pacifiers and blocks for the first 11 years of being an AB, but starting a...
  14. D


    can anyone recommend and good ps3 games that are meant for toddler/pre schoolers/young kids?
  15. HexinaLaertes

    ummmm.. hai?

    uhhhhhhhh.... hewwo... >.<" i'm Hexina Laertes (aka CuppycakeTheBabyFur on SecondLife) for those that don't know me or might know me but unsure... i am here because i am SLIGHTLY incontinent, a babyfur, a diaperfur, and obviously a diaper lover... alas... i have yet to get my first diapie...
  16. oboysetht

    Size 3T Gerber Onesies as Diaper Covers!

    I was at Walmart the other day and on a whim I bout a 4 pack of plain white Gerber onesies for like 5 bucks I suggest you try it if you unbutton it and pull it up and minorly rip it you can pull it up over your diaper and still be able to snap it back together it will stretch because it is...
  17. J

    Juvenile Diapers You Would Like To See In Adult Sizes

    Are there any juvenile diapers of a specific brand (pampers, pull-ups, etc.) that you would like to see re-created in adult sizes? I know I would like to see the Target Up and Up diapers in my size, because they are colorful, and have a cool polka-dotted pattern on it. What about you?
  18. Pramrider

    Pretty Neat Child Booster Seat!

    Being old school when it comes to baby/toddler gear items, I don't get too excited over most newer baby furnishings on the market these days. However, today I accidently stumbled across this newer style child booster seat for home use at mealtime and I haven't gotten this excited about a baby...
  19. NikonFilmPhotog

    What makes you most regressed?

    While I haven't fully figured out what makes me fully regressed yet I used to think that it was messing that would be fully regressing for me. After having some experience with messing I don't think that it fully regresses me. I like to wear a onesie and use a pacifier while sleeping with my...