toddler clothing

  1. BabyKai

    How much "baby" stuff do you have? Do you have to hide it?

    I've said on my last (and first) post (yes, I'm a newbie) that I'm disabled and live with my parents. It makes it easier to have baby things right out the open without them questioning me. I've never had to hide it and, for those of you who have to, how do you do it? Does it cause a lot of...
  2. LilBoiCLT

    Size 3T Gerber Onesies as Diaper Covers!

    I was at Walmart the other day and on a whim I bout a 4 pack of plain white Gerber onesies for like 5 bucks I suggest you try it if you unbutton it and pull it up and minorly rip it you can pull it up over your diaper and still be able to snap it back together it will stretch because it is...