1. Poofybutt

    When You're Tired

    So, I pulled an all nighter yesterday and suffice it to say, when I got home at around noon, I was pooched. All the way home, I felt groggy and little, like I couldn't wait to be diapered and in AB-zone. As soon as I entered the door, my AB side struck. I collapsed on my bed and just sucked...
  2. Premetheus

    Are there...

    Any questions you all want to ask me? Something you want to know... maybe ask me for advice? I can't sleep and I figure I might as well seize the moment and do something productive.
  3. Ringo5

    I need some help/support/someone to be there right now with my DL side...

    Well, I don't even know. I'm new to actually wearing diapers and I kinda feel depressed about it. Like, I don't want to do it anymore. I want to just stop with the urges to wear and use diapers... I got 2 fresh Depends in my closet, and I want to get rid of them. Because I live with my parents...
  4. ilovedaddy

    so bored lately

    anyone just so bored lately? i got friends i can hang with and im always with my fiancée and i don't know! im just so bored..... its like blah!
  5. D

    Really Tired, Diaper or no Diaper

    So yesterday was the first day of lacrosse and I just finished my second practice about an hour ago. So I am really physically exhausted. My question is when you are really exhausted do you like to wear a diaper or do you just find it as to much of s hassle. Unfortunately for me I do not have...