1. SpaceMan47

    So what do I do now?

    I was thinking of looking through old threads to find answers to some of my questions, but I figured y’all would probably love to answer them for the millionth time this week! Besides I’d imagine things change quite quickly, so an answer from a month ago may not be as useful now! Anyways, I’ll...
  2. EdwardTheDL1998

    Tips on telling friends about wearing diapers

    Greetings! I've been taking a month or so break from ADISC, but I am now back, and I thought I would kick my return off with some stories and tips regarding telling friends that you wear diapers. I have as of this time, voluntarily, told 6 friends about me wearing diapers. Well... 5 friends...
  3. OriginalT

    Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

    Hey! I thought it would be fun to make a forum for people to discuss the new animal crossing game, post tips and trade their user ID's So far, I've had a lot of fun playing - especially in little space!
  4. Cthulhu

    My diapered week in london

    Remember that trip to London i posted about (With the other account i made called ''Luxuria''. Ceating that account was a mistake, i won't use it again and didn't mean to use more than one account) ? Well, i made it. I made it to the hotel in London (from Sweden) with a weeks supply of diapers...
  5. Cthulhu

    Going abroad for a week, just to wear diapers 24/7

    I'll start by saying that i don't wish to become incontinent, i only want to get as close as possible to experiencing what it would be like, for a short time. I'm not sure if i can pull this off, but it's something i've fantasized about for a couple years. What i want to do is to go on vacation...
  6. D

    How to enjoy and get the most out of wearing diapers? Tips and tricks?

    Hello guys! I recently got daring enough to buy a pack of REALLY soft and comfy diapers that fits me so damn well. I love it, it's thick and comfortable. For the first time in many years, I rushed to the handicapped toilet in a shopping mall for the privacy, and wore the diaper. Damn does it...
  7. Cthulhu

    Cosidering wearing to a temporary workplace

    I'm employed by a company that ''lends'' me out to other companies, so i don't work at the same place year after year (i hope you understand what i'm trying to describe). I'm working at a new place this week (starting tomorrow), before going back to where i've been working for almost a year now...
  8. Cthulhu

    Help me through my first ever diaper experience

    My dad is going away for a week so i'll have the house to myself, which basically never happens. I just found a site where i can order diapers discretely and with fast shipping, so i plan on ordering some for when i'm home alone:) This would be my first time wearing a diaper since i was about...
  9. DLGoplayer

    Learning new languages

    Does anyone have any tips for learning a new language? Currently I am working on learning japanese/日本語。 I am using roesetta stone to learn it, but it does occasionally get confusing. So I wanted to know, how to help yourself memorize new words and phrases in different languages.
  10. allybearloves

    New person from new zealand

    Hi there, My name is Ally, I am 20 turning 21 in 3 weeks time. I have a 20 month old son (not an AB/DL baby). I'm wondering if anyone can help me out with a few things I have wondering around my mind lately about AB/DL. I suck my thumb at night to have a good night sleep, it's been like this...
  11. CPDude

    A few tips I wanted to share

    I have a few tips fi have learned from my 24/7 lifestyle that I lead. First, I never go to a store for my diapers. The quantities available in the stores are too small and too unpredictable. What I use is a website: They have a wide variety of brands and sizes and they can ship...
  12. Blacktailthefox

    Tips for wearing cloth diapers?

    I have been considering buying a set of towels and some strong safety pins to use as a makeshift set of cloth diapers so in case I run out of disposables I'll still have something around to wear if I have the desire to, is this a good idea? Any tips for a newbie to going cloth? (I.e. where to...
  13. H

    ATTN: Mommies & Caregivers

    I thought I'd put together a lil' list of some important things to consider while you are establishing your budding ABDL relationship. Please feel free and to comment and add more "everyday tips." BEDTIME: I think bedtime is a good rule to enforce because it establishes a routine between you...
  14. C

    College tips? wearing in college?

    I was wondering if anyone had any tips for wearing at college? Like how to keep it a secret from your roommate, wear to hide them, what kind to wear? Anything else you can think of would help!!!
  15. EmilyL

    How many of us here keep ourselves shaved from the neck down?

    Curious to see how many people on here keep themselves shaved from the neck down. This doesn't need to include the armpits, but technically it's in the same area. For the ones that do, what razer/cream do you use and what tips can you offer to maintaine this state? Also would you recommend any...
  16. SnoozyCat

    Digital artists! How did you learn?

    I've had a new tablet for about month now and I've been procrastinating learning to draw on it because I want to learn the "right" way. How did you guys learn to make art? I know that it takes practice and the best approach to getting better is to just draw but I'm still deciding what my art...
  17. P

    Relative Newbie Needs Tips

    I have a few questions about my AB/BF life that may be answered here: 1) Where can I order AB supplies like pacifiers, bottles, etc.? I would also like AB fashions (onsies, feeted pajamas, etc.) 2) Where can I get clothes for stuffed animals? Build A Bear doesn't have enough options for baby...
  18. Hejsans

    Looking for tips!

    I am not so into diapers like you guys. I just have a fetish for girls in pull-ups. So I'm just looking for some tips, to get my girl to wear them. Best Regards, Marcus:)
  19. Anonimousdl

    buying tips

    recently I have had so many failed attempts at buying where I get there and its really busy or I just bottle it and dont end up getting any. I get so nervous my question is how can I become more confident and actually get some diapers?
  20. Miku

    how to confess to a roommate

    When I move out I am moving into an appartment with a girl my age,while she is going to college I am getting a job to pay the rent.I want to wear diapers, but I am sick and tired of keeping it a secret.I want to tell her when we both move in but I don't know if she will accept it/me or reject...