1. GoodnitesFan97

    New Goodnites Designs rumor

    I looked up the Google images and i saw an image of Goodnites and the company might make a new size XS, and new Iron Man graphics, would you think of new designs on XS, S-M, and L-XL for 2017? Here's the new package. My predictions for 2017 designs: XS: Boy- Spider Man Girl- Elena of Avalor...
  2. CommanderCrayfish

    New GoodNites designs?

    So on the GoodNites site, it seems they've got new designs for S/M, and once again, they're going with Spider-Man and Tinkerbell. Now if only they'd refresh the L/XL design, it's been three years now... Spidey: Tinkerbell:
  3. CommanderCrayfish

    Tinkerbell GoodNites - to open or not to open?

    I've managed to hold on to a pack of Tinkerbell GoodNites since several months ago, and I'm not quite sure what to do with it. Part of me wants to go and open it and use the GoodNites within, but I also want to just leave it unopened and continue to hang on to it, seeing as it's the Limited...
  4. CommanderCrayfish

    No new designs for L/XL GoodNites this year?

    I'm perfectly aware of the limited-edition Spider-Man and Tinker Bell designs that GoodNites got this year, but I'm actually surprised that the L/XL size didn't get a refresh to go with their smaller siblings. If I remember correctly, this is the first time since the gender split that GoodNites...