1. ESPF

    WHITE Liger cubs 😻

  2. C

    Konichiwa from a cure little tigeress

    Hello everyone I am Kiara. I hope you are all okay .I only joined last night when i saw the site had so much varied stuff on all diaper fetishes fandoms and sub cultures. I myself am a dl . But also a little fur and would like to triy being an lg but don't have the confidence. Id love to...
  3. S

    diaper choosing

    in four hours i will buy a new diapers i have had bambinos molicare secure tena abinas i havent tried allot though i dont know where to get those ones with the 3m thing on um or the ones with snowflakes (eurobrief?) and there are some with just one set of tapes i saw that looked awsome but i...
  4. S


    Scarab Body Arts - Syracuse, NY- (Scarab Body Arts - Syracuse, NY) Scarification if anyone has had this done this let me know this is a method of body modification i have seen and been intrested in for years any input is appriciated thanks :D
  5. S

    your favorite baby object

    what thing makes you feel the most babyish and the most comfortable:pizza:
  6. S


    okay okay how many things do i have to post before my pictures unlock >.> its really annoying
  7. RevLegna

    Let's...try that again.

    Okay, so i don't really feel like that last post cut it. Time for a bit more proper intro. Hello all, I'm RevLegna. Or....better known as..... Ryu Hero, Professional Tiggy. :3 Call me what you will; but again, I'm more here to watch over my little bro and some buds. I'm cool with pretty...