1. kik91

    Social Suicide? It Wasn't.

    Okay, so I did something that many of you guys will probably scold me. I was feeling very good with myself today. I am a person who uses Facebook a lot, because it allows me to communicate with my friends over the world with ease. All my highschool, college and work friends are there, so I...
  2. kik91

    For Those Thumbsuckers Out There!

    Hey little boys and little girls! So, I've never really talked about thumbsucking before at all, which is weird because this is an ABDL community after all. Anyway, I've been a thumbsucker all my life. That's long 27 years! But I would like to hear about experiences you've had. Do you gurgle...
  3. BayB8

    Thumb sucking in and out of diapers

    I have two deep dark secrets. One you all already know, I'm abdl, but my second, little less of a secret than abdl is I still suck my thumb. My girlfriend is okay with it sorta, but she still often asks me why I suck my thumb. When I told her about my abdl, she asked if that is why I still suck...
  4. kik91

    Finished Bedtime Secrets (Or "How My Best Friend Can Be A Lovable Badass Goof") (Young Justice fanfic)

    Hello everybody, I posted this Young Justice fanfic in and Archive of Our Own. Thought this would be a nice place too! All comments well received! Bedtime Secrets (Or “How My Best Friend Can Be a Lovable Badass Goof”) “Okay, Grayson, stay whelmed,” said Dick to himself as...
  5. bvb123

    Pacifier/Thumbsucking Hypnosis

    Does anybody know a good pacifier dependance hypnosis mp3? Preferably one thats free as i cant buy anything online :(.
  6. PinkpaciAlly

    Thumb or Fingersucking

    I have sucked my thumb for as long as I can remember . Since I was a baby . Always my right one . My mom never tried anything to get me to stop and I think she thinks I outgrew it . I'm 26 and still a thumbsucker . Usually just when I sleep but lately more often . Stress I guess ? Or possibly...