1. HundredAcreWood

    Anyone else "archive" diapers?

    Today I went thrift shopping for some retro Christmas decorations, and I spotted some Depend Guards from 2001 or so. The shop was busy today, so I didn't grab them. But this got me thinking about the small "archive" I keep in a trunk. Thanks to their low price and discreetness, I started out my...
  2. Blacksmith

    Got to Love Thrift Stores

    Hi all so today I went to a thrift store in my area to look for diapers (why not) and went to the shelf were they put the diapers, there was nothing there save for a few pull-ups, pads, and a partial pack of tranquilty slimline cloth-like. Disappointed I wandered the store seeing what else they...
  3. kalynnharvey

    Should I buy Walgreens Certainty or Walmart Assurance?

    Are the walgreens diapers better than walmarts? I can buy both but im stuck on which to get. Are they even worth it or should i just go check out the thrift store for some real diapers?
  4. M

    Score!! =d

    So I just decided to run to Goodwill just to see what they had and I was look through the electronics and didn't see anything really tempting but then I started walking towards the cloths and BAM! there were 5 packs of Tranquilty ATN sitting there. 4 packs of medium size and 1 pack of smalls. So...