thrift store

  1. xtrabulk

    Salem, Oregon Goldmine

    Hey all, The Goodwill by Chemeketa College has a massive amount of diapers. Always, Wings, Depends with Tabs, Attends poly, Depends Realfit, Reassure underware, etc. I got 3 bags of 24/7s for...well, just look at the picture! I left 2 bags. They were priced the same as the Wings brand! Superscore!
  2. xtrabulk

    Eugene, Oregon Score Available...nearby.

    There are about 90 12ct packs of plastic backed diapers and 50 packs of Perfit cloth backed diapers at the Goodwill in Albany, Oregon. They are all for $5.00/pack. Thing is, the plastic ones look very cheap. I think they might be VA diapers. They are yellow with blue indicator. No waistband or...
  3. SweetSugarDragon

    Thrift store Mini-Haul

    I can't believe I am making a haul post, but I had to share this with you. I was at the Salvation Army on a thrift store run when I saw the cutest things: When I saw this I just HAD to have it. This Jumper and sweater combo is one of the many Noah's ark pieces from Christopher & Banks. I got...
  4. ClosettedDL

    I'm so mad omg

    Hello everyone, I haven't posted in a while but I have been lurking! I always seem to see posts about people finding diapers at thrift stores and honestly up until now I thought that that would never happen to me... bUT I was in the local thrift store with one of my best friends and we were...
  5. oboysetht

    Rare thrift store find

    Found a few Asian brands at a local thrift store yesterday and for 4 bucks a pack couldn't pass them up. They are made by a company named Rikang. Trying them out for the first time today, because my parents went out of town. I'm posting some photos below and will also write a review once tested...
  6. Blacksmith

    Got to Love Thrift Stores

    Hi all so today I went to a thrift store in my area to look for diapers (why not) and went to the shelf were they put the diapers, there was nothing there save for a few pull-ups, pads, and a partial pack of tranquilty slimline cloth-like. Disappointed I wandered the store seeing what else they...
  7. chipbutty

    What are your best thrift/donation store finds?

    What has everyone here found at places like Goodwill, Savers, etc. that they bought and enjoy? My best finds would be a guitar slide I found for 25 cents (actually it was during a half off sale so it was 12 cents) and a pack of 12 kendall wings diapers for $3. Plus I have bought audio cables...