1. Angellothefox

    Diaper discussion the rules on bio hazards UK

    I was thinking and it was a thought why not at one point wear some diapers in town. The only problem is it is my first time. Someone suggested that I use two nappy bags to doubble it up them throw it away in a public bin... It maybe OK in the USA but I do not know weather there is a biohazerd...
  2. KittyninjaW

    Is it wrong to be afraid to say what I think?

    Hello everyone, Anyway I am afraid to say what I think for fear of offending people, and I want everyone to like me, and I rather have peace than an argument, which is what I feel all the time. How do I get over that?
  3. monkeegurl_90


    So, I recently (yesterday) met a guy (he found me on Facebook and he actually lives pretty close to me) and he doesn't even know me. He's already calling me, Princess, Babe, Honey, and Baby Girl (which I told him was my favorite). He doesn't know about my AB side, and I probably wont be telling...