1. TabulaRasa2017

    There are therapists who understand adult babies/littles

    I'm posting this in the hopes that it might be helpful to others struggling with this part of who they are. Briefly, shame is probably one of the most universal feelings associated with recognizing that you are an adult baby/little. I know it has been for me for a very long time and until the...
  2. plasticsounds

    Interesting article. I just read the above article. It's nothing new, just another link in the chain of educating the masses. The more positive information, the better.
  3. H

    Bed wetting and PTSD

    Hi everyone! I am new to adisc and wanted some thoughts from more experienced members. I haven't shared my story with anyone but my therapist, so here goes: I experienced multiple sexual, physical, and psychological traumas from age five to about age thirteen. I developed mental health...
  4. adasterix

    Therapists' attitudes---Experiences?

    I'm interested in the experiences those among us have had with therapists. Therapy comes up repeatedly in these forums, but I'd be interested in trying to get a sense of how therapists have viewed AB/DL in actual practice. To be clear: I'm not looking for therapy for DL and I would not...
  5. Ringo5

    Seeing A Therapist For The First Time (worried)

    So I've had some major anxiety issues for almost the past year that would come and go in huge waves. They mostly have to do with friend drama and acceptance of my sexuality. I finally decided to get some help with my issues about 3 or so months ago and called up a therapist I had when I was a...
  6. A

    Ever seek ABDL therapy?

    Has anyone ever shared this secret with a therapist? What was their response/reaction/way to discuss it? Has anyone ever sought sex therapy explicitly to deal with this fetish?