1. Angellothefox

    More suggestive meterial of me been a abdl/babyfur on Christmas video

    Unlike my other video's this one really suggests and hints at I am a babyfur or a adult baby. In one scean Angellothefox is playing with a baby soft toy block. It appears as if he is chewing it. Another scean you see him and the pictures behind him like art from online and a photo of a diapered...
  2. Crinklebuttt

    Whats your diaper related theme song?

    Theme song posts all seem to be closed even though they aren't that big, so here's another one! Tom Waits- I Don't Wanna Grow Up This song creeps me out like it was written for me. When you look at this song from an AB/DL context, it's amazing how well it fits our mindset in general. Tom...
  3. TaviMunk

    Lucky 7 Request

    Hihi all, well I've been thinking about doing this here to kick off my favorite month, March. It's green time ^^ So what I have goin' on is a Lucky 7 Request. The title says it all. I will draw 7 individuals, separately, that's St. Patrick's Day themed in some fashion. Like the pic below...
  4. Spiro910

    Show us your mobile's theme!

    Hey there, being inspired by an iphone theme I just put together from a bunch of different themes and by Paul Fox's thread :P, I've decided to create a mobile theme thread :D Here's my iphone theme =] Compilation of themes: Malice by iKon, MonoChromeHTC by Monty, & Principium from...