1. Wheatley


    It's year two of our newly state-acclaimed school drama class, and this time of year means One Act Competition. Our director is certain we're going to State this year, so much so he already has it and a victory show by the 'GHSA State Champions' on our class calendar. The show is, much as the...
  2. captainpollution

    Movie theater/general consensus on Tena briefs

    Starting soon, I'm going to wear diapers to the movie theater whenever possible. I don't feel like having to get up and use the toilet while I'm in the middle of a good movie. The idea came to me when I was watching Inception, and I had to get up and use the bathroom twice. I think I'm also...
  3. Altric

    Privately Owned Movie Theaters Instead of National Chain Theaters

    I love privately owned movie theaters. Which isn't to say that I don't go to the national chains for a first-run film, but privately-owned theaters generally offer a more enjoyable viewing experience for me. I go to one just outside of Pittsburgh called The Hollywood just about every week to...