1. MatalicPebble

    Busy with school?

    Is anyone else busy with school now that its getting close to Christmas? Sorry I have not been on, but I really been busy with things. I am on Thanksgiving break and have to do homework to get caught up in math. I am still able to visit with family, but dang not a lot of time. . I am so glad...
  2. tiny

    Weird American foods!

    The recent thread discussing peanut butter and jelly sandwiches reminded me of a magazine article I saw that mentioned other weird culinary concoctions that are popular in America. :biggrin: Okay, so peanut butter and jelly sandwiches aren't my thing. When I was younger I remember hearing...
  3. askmelater47

    Happy Thanksgiving

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYBODY! eat some fuckin turkey, and enjoy. Remember turkey is supposed to make you sleep easier. Havent been very active lately, neither in the community nor wearing diapers, but none the less i havent forgotten you. Pretty off topic but, i discovered this week that i...
  4. Toddy

    Does turkey make you sleepy?

    Seeing as Thanksgiving is 2 days away I though I would ask about it. I know not everyone celebrates thanksgiving but you are still welcome to discuss about if eating turkey makes your sleepy or not. For me personally I have never once goten tired from eating turkey on thanksgiving or any other...