1. S

    hi im 27 m huge dl lil bit of an ab

    looking for others near me im in canton texas [ removed ] ~KitsuneFox
  2. Seriph

    West Texas

    Just trying to figure out how many of us are from West Texas. It is a bunch of niche communities but I am hoping I am not the only one out here in the desert.
  3. Demonbabywearspamps

    ABDL events, stores or nurseries in Texas?

    I've been getting more active in my local community recently and I'm wondering if anyone knows if there's any ABDL stuff in Texas? I've found a local community in my city but I want to know if there's more out there!
  4. EclipseWolf

    Are there any good play centers in Texas that allow adults (or better yet are specifically for adults), and have things to climb and/or bounce on?

    Monkey Joe’s looked promising, but if you‘re over the age of 12, they won’t let you play, and when I looked at another place, not only were they a bounce rental and not a play center, but the only things they had that were labelled as “safe for adults” were the inflatable pub (doesn’t have a...
  5. zippyboy

    Opening an Online Store - Will sell RearZ - Based in Texas

    Greetings all, I have not posted much over the years but I have been a member for quite a long time. Mostly keeping to myself and commenting here and there. My wife and I have finally decided to start an Online Store and have ordered our first wholesale purchase from RearZ. I do not know the...
  6. rileysurfer

    Sup dudes?

    I'm Riley and I'm new here. I'm a 23 year old DL originally from Texas, but currently in San Francisco with my boyfriend. I have been toying with more AB related activities (bottles, sippy cups, bath time crayons, etc.) and both my boyfriend and I are enjoy them very much. My boyfriend is not...
  7. Z

    So I just moved...

    To...Austin TX and I was wondering about other ab/dl Any one want to reach out and show me around Austin/fun things to do...
  8. Hyperlitegreen

    Texas stores sell abena?

    Does anyone know of any stores in texas that sell Abenas?
  9. Hyperlitegreen

    M4 Abena Xplus under straight fit jeans or loose fit jeans????

    Hey guys! Is wearing loose fit jeans over Xplus Abena diapers a better choice than straight fit jeans in terms of comfort? It seems if the seat area of the loose fit jeans are larger, then people might see you have a bigger bulge or hiding something in your pants. Or, if I use the...
  10. DLenjoylifeDL

    Howdy from Texas

    Hello guys I know what you're thinking, I'm not that Texan I just think Howdy is a friendly introduction :) I've been into diapers about as long as I can remember, back to when I didn't understand what it was I wanted or was attracted to until I isolated it around 9th grade. I really enjoy...
  11. H

    Ello Mates! (I'm not British)

    Hi I'm new! There's this giant yellow box that keeps telling me to introduce myself, so I figured I may as well. I'm Henry, I've been creeping on these forums for a while so I finally made an account. I am a diaper lover, I currently only wear Depends (they are the only accessible brand) and my...
  12. johnselm

    About me

    My name is John. I currently live in El Paso, Texas. It is the smallest big city you will ever see. The city is locate in far West Texas. I'm here to find some freinds and learn more about others with simmular interests. A little about me. I'm a Middle East war vet who suffered some nerve...
  13. ArtikSnow

    The Most Embarassing Moment Or The Most Courageous Moment You Did With Baby Stuff.

    For me it was in texas. I went down to texas to visit my daddy fur and a furry buddy. Well i ended going to walmart with them in just my footed sleeper with my binki hanging from my neck and wearing a soaked diaper. I walked threw the walmart like that for a good hour and we picked up some...
  14. D

    Hello from Texas... San Antonio that is

    19 male starting college at the university of the Incarnate word, will be living on campus in an apt. and will be diapered as much as possible! I wore very often through High School (over 2200 students) so Its easy to blend in. most of the girls I dated in school knew of my fetish and I am...
  15. T


    So I live in West Texas and its hard to find anyone who wears diapers or you is an AB. I just want to find friends who will accept me. And maybe find a mommy. So if there is anyone in Texas or anyone at all who would like to talk to a relatively new ab/dl about infantillism or just life in...