1. Slomo

    Am I Autistic?

    So I often see someone say they are Autistic and like or do certain things I can relate to. I have never been diagnosed as Autistic though, even by my old therapist from when I was a kid. So on a whim I just decided to try an online self test here...
  2. B

    Wish me luck

    I'm about to do a graduation test from english language- B2 level. Wish me luck. I'm a bit nervous. Actually I want to know how well would a native speaker do in the test. Any volunteer? :D
  3. tobdy1986

    Giant Strollers For Adults Let Parents Test Drive Before Buying

  4. KittyninjaW

    Dropped all of my classes except for one, and am starting to get that grade up.

    Hello, Well as the thread says, I dropped all of my classes except for one, last friday and I am working on bringing that one up. I only had 3 classes to begin with, BTW. And I am going to work on ending the semester on a good note by studying for my tests and finals, Because I am so close to...
  5. S

    Urodynamic testing

    hi all once again. advance apology for yet another wall of text. In my last post I went over the results of my cystoscopy and the current state of my treatment however as mentioned last post my urologist is going to conduct some urodynamic testing in the near future. (several months) My...
  6. Karoshen

    Generically Diapered

    Hey whats up babes and fashion entrepreneurs i'm new here and just wanted to say hi and open with a poll. What is your favorite generics disposable diaper and why. Mine are CVS overnight briefs. there comfortable hold together and are the right price..( i don't work for cvs) Thanks all.
  7. tiny

    Google or Bing -- blind test -- which is better?

    I just saw a post on another forum where the OP said that they'd recently tried using the Bing search engine and found it to be much better than Google. I was surprised -- I tried Bing a few times and just didn't get as many "good" results. Anyway, Microsoft have set up a site where you can...
  8. codered

    TDU2 Release date update!

    I just found out the release date for test drive unlimited 2 was moved back to the first quarter of 2011. So sadly I'll have to wait longer to play the game :( ,but it should be a better more polished game. (hopefully)
  9. codered

    Test Drive Unlimited 2!!!

    It's coming out later this year and it looks sweet! you can check it out on their website! Home | Test Drive Unlimited 2 Official Website :D anybody else as happy about this as i am?!