1. Pokogirl

    Anyone tried these diapers?? (Aspire, Giggles, Joly, Fresh Life, Sun Med, Tender, Glory)

    So.... I'm down to my last diaper and will be going to diaper shopping soon. I checked out the store last time to see the adult diapers that are available here. They are the following : 1. Aspire 2.Giggles 3.Joly 4.Fresh Life 5.Sun Med 6.Tender 7.Glory Anyone tried these? What...
  2. J

    Diaper Stories that are not humiliating

    Hi! How is everyone? I wanted to ask you guys what are your favorite non-humiliating diaper stories. I really like some stories but they are always very humiliating and that is not what I like. So do you guys have any tender, pampering, loving, caring stories to share?