1. A

    Tena slip maxi medium or large?

    Hi there, finally plucked myself up enough to make an account and start posting and sharing! So I’m about to buy some Tena slip maxi active fit, but I’m not sure wheather to go for medium or large, it states that the mediums are 28-48 inches and the larges are 36-57. Now I’m around a 38 inch...
  2. C

    Start bedwetting a diaper

    I’ve only recently got into wetting Tena super diapers and I find it pretty easy to let go and pee into the diaper but I’d really like to have the ability to go to sleep dry and wake up wet or while wetting. Does anyone know any methods or techniques on how to force it or influence it.
  3. R

    Loving the Tena Flex Belted Brief!

    Finally trying different non chain store diapers - wanted something for very intermittent bowel leakage, breathable, spill guards, easy to change at work in a stall... the tena flex belted brief was perfect. They go on SO easy - a wonderfully sung but not tight fit to my relatively thin frame...
  4. Pika123

    TENA Flex Maxi

    Before I make a big purchase I want to know if anyone has tried TENA Flex Maxi? Size: large, Male. If so I have a few questions about them. First off how visible are they under clothes? When wet and/or messy? How absorbable are they? I am in them 24/7 by choice if you could relate to number of...
  5. babyboy061997

    Stuffer absorbency

    I was wondering which is a better stuffer for absorbency, the goodnites trufit or tena overnight pads, and is there any difference in absorbency between the small and the large trufit pads
  6. L

    Hi everybody, Im LeeBaby

    I'm bisexual, transgendered, been on hormones .. grew my own tits etc, only ever wear ladies underwear usually but recently I found three brand new packs of Tena Lady Discreet Pants in our communal bin so I grabbed one and tried a pair on. I'm now addicted to Lady's Incontinence pants and don't...
  7. J


    I am 46 years old and was a DL, only wearing time not using/wetting much. In May, on my last day of work, I suddenly got a continuous flow while being in the train 3 hours from home. I asked my wife to pick me up and bring me urgently to the supermarket to be diapers. Since then I am diagnosed...
  8. inconsurferdude

    Switching from plastic-backed to cloth-backed for summer?

    My go-to diaper since I started having to wear them full time this past November has been plastic-backed Attends, which work really well for me. I rarely have leaks, and I use Tena Overnight pads as stuffers every night and sometimes during the day, especially if I'm at home. But lately I've...
  9. tomviper000

    Tena Slip Active vs old Tena Slip Maxi

    I browsed related topics and didn't find much of a one-on-one comparison between these two. I'm almost out of my Tena Slip Maxi I've been slowing using, and wondering how the new version compare. I see the main difference is the tapes; no more awesome landing zone they previously had, and only...
  10. Isle

    Summer diaper redux. Tena?

    In the market for a lighter weight diaper for summer. what do you use? Is anyone using Tena stretch Ultra or Tena stretch Super? the Ultra is super cheap, so maybe its a supercheap diaper. I can use a booster which is not as hot as a full on real diaper, Hopefully this time the thread will...
  11. Owls

    Found new tena pull ups

    I saw these at shopko and had to buy them. They actually contour to you body very well due to the elastic at the bottom of the pull-up it is a very interesting design feature.They have stand up leak guards and padding is thick(for a store bought diaper) through the whole front and back. I used...
  12. M

    Another New member:)

    Hi folks. DL here. Had this dream and secret fetish for many years now. Visited a friend at the hospital som weeks ago. When I was there I had to use the toilet. WOW! Lots of diapers there... I had to steal two of them. One Tena pants super, but wrong size for me. The other diaper was without...
  13. F

    Diapers in Brussels

    Hello, I have just recently moved to Brussels. I am looking for a place to buy diapers ( that tape shut not pull ups ) wether it be Tena Slips or Molicare I do not care. I just want something that I can wear around the house in comfort and relax. I have tried to pharmacies in the Flagey area and...
  14. Christophuur

    I Need Help! Finding New Diapers!

    As of late, I've been diaper shopping at the ABDLFactory site. While there is a fantastic selection, I am having trouble coming to a final decision. At the moment my metaphorical shopping cart includes ABU Space Diapers Tena Slip Maxi (if they're still any good) Forma care slip x-plus Molicare...
  15. Christophuur

    Help Needed on my next purchase!

    One of my few gifts this Easter is an amazon gift card with $30 on it, which honestly is one of the best presents I've received cause now I get to try out a new brand of diapers! Thing is, I'm not too knowledgeable on the pros and cons of most diapers. As of today, I know I really like the...
  16. Firehawk

    Hello from Australia

    Hello everyone. I'm a male DL who is is incontent mostly at night but it has been working it's way into my daytime life recently. I wet the bed until I was 15 and with the help of medication it stopped. I had breife periods of incontene when I was 21 and 27. When I was 38 it started again...
  17. ArtikSnow

    Tena Super Briefs or Tena Super Stretch Briefs?

    So I have been trying all kinds of diaper brands recently and Tena is on my next list. What Tena diaper is better? Tena Super Briefs or Tena Super Stretch Briefs?
  18. Isle

    Tena Confusion II

    I like to keep a supply of a decent inexpensive diaper for short term and other uses, and I had liked something called "Tena Ultra Adult Diaper" from Amazon cost 45 cents us dollers. They are no longer available. So I am sorting through the confusion and looking through old posts and on what...
  19. T

    What (do you think) is the best diaper for flooding?

    I am wondering what you best diaper is for flooding. I have never been able to try a diaper made for the ABDL market, but I have had some Tena Super's in the past. Maybe it's just because of my size but they were able to take two good floods before it just became uncomfortable to wear. Note...
  20. Sihcara

    Tena or other good daytime diapers?

    Hello to all, i haven't posted here in a while and have missed being on here. Anyway i wanted to say that i have gone 6 or possibly 7 months of this year without having many major accidents, so therefore i didnt buy any quality diapers for a while, just used cheap ones since my accidents were so...