tena ultima

  1. D

    Are Tena Slip Active Fit Ultima any good?

    I'm a slow poke and just recently found out about the existence of these new Tena diapers. Tried the cloth backed ultima years ago, it was ok but I always prefer plastic. So has anyone tried these recently? I recall the maxis having slightly poor tapes and the plastic was very papery and thin...
  2. Dinotopian2002

    First Time Trying TENA Slip Ultima (New Style)

    Hi everyone! This week I've tried the Tena Slip Ultima Active Fit (PE Backed) for the first time. I tried the initial Ultima design as part of a trial pack in 2014, when it was just a plain white diaper. At the time, I found it good but quite bulky. This was before I discovered AB/DL diapers...
  3. aleakyboomboom

    Tena Slip Active Ultima & Betterdry

    Recently got back to Europe and tried out the Tena Ultima with the plastic backing, wearing one now, pretty decent diaper, they lack the hard plastic landing zone, this I consider a positive, hoping they become more widely available. I can see this becoming a very popular diaper within the...