tena slip

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    Tena Slip Active Fit Ultima under my Kiddo "Cars" bodysuit.
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    My Rearz Rebel training pants over a Tena Slip Active Fit Ultima.
  3. J


    I am 46 years old and was a DL, only wearing time not using/wetting much. In May, on my last day of work, I suddenly got a continuous flow while being in the train 3 hours from home. I asked my wife to pick me up and bring me urgently to the supermarket to be diapers. Since then I am diagnosed...
  4. wearforsafety

    Tena Slip Active Fit Maxi

    Usually for travel and wear under clothes in public places I will use Attends Active Slip or Tena Flex. By accident I brought with myself Tena Active Fit Maxi. They are very good and holding quite well ,but never wore them prolonged period during intense travel, walk and movement. With some...
  5. A

    "Classic" Tena Slip vs. Cloth-backed Tena Slip

    "Classic" Tena Slip vs. the newer-to-market cloth-backed ("classic" being pb) -- I'm UK and Tena have recently gone cloth-backed here. I wear Tena all the time, brand I really trust(ed). Both new & old have their flaws: "Classic" was the tapes; New Slips, tapes are pretty good. With the old Tena...
  6. U

    Diaper Sizing??

    Until recently I have been wearing Tena Slip Small (goes up to 36 inch waist) but my problem is whenever I put them on, they barely fit (I am a 32 inch waist) and even when I re-adjust or whatever the back is always loose. Am I doing anything wrong or should I try to find Tena Slip Mediums at...
  7. KJanon

    Failed diaper scouting

    Hey, I went into my local town today, I wanted to see if I could find anywhere that sold adult diapers. It's a small town, though for some reason there are 4 pharmacies and a supermarket within about 100m or so of each other. (that's a co-op, boots, lloyds, and an independent pharmacy, in case...
  8. D

    Tena slip diapers?

    I've decided to buy tena slip diapers(adult diapers finally!!). But I don't know what type should I choose. There are plus, super and maxi. Which would you recommend? Thanks for the help.
  9. Nieve

    Help please! wrong size...

    So, my first pack of adult diapers (not counting my first pull-ups) was a tena slip M size, but when I wore them I thought they were too big for me, so I decided to try S size next time. Bad idea, they are too small >_< Have anyone gone through something similar? what did you do with the...
  10. W

    Has anyone ordered from www.bmsupplies.co.uk?

    Hello, this is whiteresearcher again; I would like to ask any UK users of this forum if they have tried ordering incontinence products (e.g. Libero size 7 nappies or Tena slip et cetera....) from BM Supplies. They are quite a good site from the looks of it and can do discreet packaging (i.e...
  11. LittleGinge

    Tena Slip In-Store in Australia?

    Hi all! I am going to be going to Australia some time next year. I have wanted to try Tena Slips since the day I heard about them. So, my question to you is this: Is it possible to buy Tena Slips in-store in Australia? If so, how much do they cost (in AUD, that is)? I know that you can get...