tena slip maxi

  1. R

    Tena Slip Maxi's- Medium's not available in N. America?

    Has anyone else tried to order the Tena Slip Maxi's in Med and noticed that they aren't available in North America? Specifically Canada. Do you know why? Small and large are available but mediums seem to be out of stock everywhere.
  2. J


    I am 46 years old and was a DL, only wearing time not using/wetting much. In May, on my last day of work, I suddenly got a continuous flow while being in the train 3 hours from home. I asked my wife to pick me up and bring me urgently to the supermarket to be diapers. Since then I am diagnosed...
  3. tomviper000

    Tena Slip Active vs old Tena Slip Maxi

    I browsed related topics and didn't find much of a one-on-one comparison between these two. I'm almost out of my Tena Slip Maxi I've been slowing using, and wondering how the new version compare. I see the main difference is the tapes; no more awesome landing zone they previously had, and only...
  4. Cthulhu

    Help me through my first ever diaper experience

    My dad is going away for a week so i'll have the house to myself, which basically never happens. I just found a site where i can order diapers discretely and with fast shipping, so i plan on ordering some for when i'm home alone:) This would be my first time wearing a diaper since i was about...
  5. kashi

    NorthShore Supreme/Tena Slip Maxi/Dry 24/7

    So I've tried Dry 24/7 almost through a full case at this point and I'm looking to get more probably around April. My question is which of the three listed is the best? 24/7's have a good plastic shell and they are absorbent, but I wish they felt thicker. I've never tried Tena Slip and Bambino...
  6. WearingClouds

    Terrible new from XP MEDICAL

    I was on xpmedical.com and saw that the Tena Sip Maxis are discontinued and they are finishing what's left of their stock. Compared to bambino where I usually go to as a second option for TSMs, XP med. is by far cheaper. Heads up if you need to stock up on these beauties before they run out...
  7. D

    Importance of taping

    Funny how after all these years using Tena Slip Maxi (plastic), I just recently learned how to put the tapes in a position that the diaper fits perfectly. The lower tapes need to point somewhat upwards giving the diaper better fit on my bum and leg cuffs. Before this it felt really loose since...
  8. SuperTed

    My Big Secret

    Hi guys and gals. I enjoy a bit of writing here and there, but have never tried my hand at a diaper story. Rather than try and plan out an entire plot from start to finish, I have decided just to make a start Ultimately I want this story to be believable and fun. Please feel free to provide...