1. Jonjon

    Surprised While In Littlespace?

    Have you ever had someone surprise you while you were in littlespace? I'm not affected by having anyone see me in jonjons, overalls, or even in diapers. However, a few times friends of my Daddy have walked in on me having my temperature taken, and I've found it extremely embarrassing - even...
  2. B

    How do they take your temperature?

    This topic came to me as I was looking at the age regression in the sick role thread. These days, most kids' temperatures are taken with ear thermometers. However, children back in the day didn't have that option, and some people stick to an adult route even in their Little headspace. So...
  3. Fenrierlilfolf

    Core unlocking and temperature woes

    I have an amd phenom ii x2 550 be with a MA-785GM USH2, and I just tried and succeeded on unlocking the two extra hidden cores. The thing is, the CPU temperature is normaly between 50 and 79ºc, when idle and when doing heavy stuff, like 3d rendering, but with the extra cores it goes up to 56 and...
  4. betagame

    Do you like your beverages cold in winter?

    I do drink cold drinks and eat ice cream in winter just like it was summertime.
  5. Pramrider

    Hot Natured or Cold Natured

    Which do you consider yourself to be? Had the idea for this thread by reading the "Sweating, how to prevent it" thread in the Diaper Talk forum. Hot natured people tend to start sweating at a lower ambient temperature than cold natured. I remember a friend of mine years ago who would be...