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    Telling significant others that work in health care??

    I'm sure there are folks here who's significant other works in the health care field. I'm curious what the reaction was when you told them? I ask because my wife is a nurse and deals with people wetting and messing themselves as well as their "briefs" as they refer to them, on a regular basis...
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    What to say when I tell my partner?

    I'm having a bit of a dilemma about what the best way to tell my boyfriend is. I've seen lots of posts about people deciding whether or not they should tell someone, or what happened afterwards, but not a lot of information on what to actually say. I'm struggling on how to broach the subject...
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    New member from Denmark

    Hi! A bit about me I'm a Danish guy in the late twenties (tall, slim, normal looking). I work as an environmental engineer, and I'm involved a bit in two Danish NGOs working with environmental work in developing countries. I love dark chocolate and belgian beer with a passion! and the Danish...