1. PaddedShooterBooty27

    Only Way Is Essex / Made In Chelsea - Is it Just Me?

    For one, I detest these types of TV shows. I don't watch these TV shows as I don't find them entertaining at all and the people often come off quite shallow and boring from all the ads and the episodes I had watched unwillingly in the past. Every time I see the ads, though, it's almost as if the...
  2. tiny

    Smarty TV ad: money off unused nappies...?

    I thought this TV advertisement was quite amusing. It involves a kid trying to return a nappy to a shop because he doesn't need them any more. He implores the shopkeeper to smell them to confirm that they are unused! :laugh:
  3. BabyKai

    So offended right now... my god.

    If you own Netflix then I'm sure you've seen the new releases today. One being "1,000 Ways to Die". I love this show, it's dark humour is quite funny but this one episode (Season 3 Episode 5) depicted an ABDL. I understand they need to be funny but they depicted it as some sort of disgusting...
  4. BabyMitchy

    MTV's True Life Adult Baby Episode Airs 10/26/2016

    Well guys, I must say it took forever for me to get the go ahead but I can finally say that this Adult Baby Episode of True Life will be on TV 10/26 at 11 PM. The director neglected to tell me if that was EST or not but It's not hard to find out by checking your cable if you have MTV. Just in...
  5. edgyfox

    Remembering Age play Cartoons Watch here. (Facebook may be required to watch)

    I hope this allowed but I see so many people here in just the few days I've really been active here that wish they could see the old cartoons again that are Ageplay/Age play/Nappy/Diaper/Babyfur related. Anyway as part of a Facebook project page I'm making to teach People about Age Play. I have...
  6. tiny

    New group: documentaries online!

    I just thought I'd let you all know about a new group I've just set up for educational documentaries (as opposed to the fly-on-the-wall variety) that are available to watch online. I love seeing a new documentary that opens my mind and teaches me something new. So, if you've seen a good...
  7. J

    I know there's been a thread about the 15-stone baby... but what did you think about the show?

    I know there's been a thread already, but it was kind of a 'I watched it' thread, I thought it might be cool to actually have a more intellectual chat about it. While I think the folks who went on it (hi you guys!) Were pretty open and down-to-earth about it, I think the producers wanted to...
  8. tiny

    ABs in advertising! (Aldi supermarket UK TV advert)

    I was just at a friends house watching TV and my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when I saw this ad for the budget supermarket, Aldi: ALDI UK TV spot Just thought you might like to have a chuckle... I wonder if the producers actually know about ABs or whether it was just some "crazy...
  9. captainpollution

    New Beavis and Butthead premiere on 10/27/2011!

    So, who else is psyched for the new Beavis and Butthead series coming this fall? I certainly am! I have already seen the pilot, which is called "Holy Cornholio".
  10. MarchThackery

    The Impossible Astronaut

    Hey there! I just wanted to start up some discussion for the Doctor Who fans on here. How did everyone feel about the episode? Personally, I loved it, even though it felt like most of it was in preparation of next week. It had some wonderful moments, like River Song talking about her death...
  11. Charlie

    Advertisements in TV

    How disruptive do you find advertisements in TV? In days of illegal downloading, recordable TV (with adverts easily skipped), HBO, and more advertising happening online, do you think we could soon see the end of television adverts? Just a couple of questions that crossed my mind! At home we...
  12. yourhuggies

    King of the Hill AB referance

    I have been watching a lot of KOTH on Cartoon Network, and I discovered something awesomely funny. Hank's Dad, Cotton was an Adult Baby. His wife, Didi was a nurse, and she would coo him, and take care of him like a baby. He routinely sat in high chairs and booster seats. If you watch episodes...
  13. B

    New episode of Dexter leaked!

    FYI to all who watch the best TV show ever about a vigilante serial killer, the first episode of season 4 has been leaked online. No spoilers from me, but this looks like it will be a strong season.
  14. jasonthebeast

    Messed up vision

    Every time I play Guitar Hero Three, I look at the bottom of the screen, play the notes, miss every other one, blabalbla. Anyways, when I look of the screen, but can see the TV out of the corner of my eye, it appears the TV is stretching upwards. Just wondering if anyone else experiences this...