1. August08

    Teeth issues?

    Anyone experience exaggerated overbites or misaligned teeth due to pacifier use/thumb sucking? I’m only concerned because the price of braces is so high ;-;
  2. Sheepies

    Does using a paci mess up your teeth?

    Hi! New to this whole thing... just got my first paci 4 days ago and loving it, but oh my gosh does it hurt when used too much. Have a Nuk 18-36m size, don't know the sizes yet, does anyone know that it is? Anywho, I'm one to suffer from severe anxiety and have lately been really worried if...
  3. C

    My paci makes my mouth hurt, I need a new one.

    I have a paci but its just a cheap light up one I got outta a vending machine at an arcade ages ago. I like using it but it makes my jaw hurt. The problem is that I have jaw problems to begin with that cause my jaw to lock up. It's very painful and can last for a while once it starts and...
  4. Mesmerale

    Suffering from loneliness, recovery from wisdom teeth removal, and being new

    So, this whole thing seems pretty clear to me from my title... But, clearly I love being a baby. I am a guy, but prefer to be seen as a girl online. Anyways, the only person who is really okay with me being a baby around her in real life is away for two weeks, leaving me all alone while I...