1. Mittens

    Bleh: An introduction to Mittens by Mittens

    Meow, I am an 18 year old TB with a slight growing interest in furry fandom. :3 I actually stumbled upon this site while looking up diaper tapes to print out, hehehe. I would absolutely love to make new friends! I don't think I've ever had an abdl friend point blank XD I actually just got...
  2. Ethanu

    ... Well, hello there. c:

    My name is Ethan and I'm 17 years old, I live in Canada and I.. I guess I'm a little new to this whole thing. Also I'm a babyfur artist. However my mother's found out and now feels incredibly guilty about the whole ordeal as the doctor had told her that my Infantilism may have been caused by...
  3. 9

    How many tb/dl's are boy scouts?

    i just had this thought, that if there are so many tb's and dl's, then how many of us are in boy scouts, because if there were two tb/dl's that were both boyscouts then they might find out that they are near eachother and could meet at a jamboree or even, that they could both be in the same...
  4. PichuCubJacob

    TeenPampers introduction

    Hi! I'm TeenPampers, sorry I didn't post eariler, I just didn't know what to say. Well, I'm here because I want to start wearing diapers again. My other interests are: Steam Railroading The Beatles Movies Video games Alvin And The Chipmunks (The 80's ONES.) and the list goes on..
  5. B

    Hello all!

    Hello! first i'd like to say im glad to be on here as it's great to find a place to discuss all things TB/DL related and non related. My name is Quentin (named after the famous director, who is now my favorite director) and I was born in Maryland, U.S.A. My dad was in the Navy (still is) and my...
  6. DLDan94

    AB or DL girls?

    I don't know if this is the forum, let alone the right place to ask something like this...If thats the case, then if you're the mod, the person in charge, delete it by all means...If not. Well...Let me uh, continue on the topic. (I will try my best to be short, and to the point) I uh...Well...
  7. A

    Hi ABtimmy Daddy

    I am a daddy to baby boys I do role paly quite welland can take u back to where u belong in diapers and being a baby i am on msn [Mod note: removed msn address, please don't post your contact info in public, as we are NOT a dating site!] come and see what i can do for you. I am for real and not...
  8. lilcabbit

    ermmm hewo

    hewo i ish new to this and ermmm i only just find this site ive been looking for a place like this well ill tell u abit about my self and then ill probly tell u abit about every that happons in my life coz atm it aint going well well hear gose im sean im pritty much a babyfur and im into alot of...