1. D

    Switching from Goodnites to Adult Diapers

    I’m curious how other long-time childhood bedwetters experienced the switch from goodnites (or similar child diapers) into adult diapers: did you accept it, fight it, like it? Any memories? Personally I grew out of goodnites when I was late 13, right a bit before Christmas. My parents were very...
  2. C

    First Day in Diapers

    For a couple years now I've watched videos of guys wetting their pants, but I was never really turned on by diapers. I decided that I should try them out, so I ordered some Tena Super Pants from Amazon. I got home and got straight into one. I drank so much water, coke and coffee until i was at...
  3. C

    Hello from Dorset. -intro

    Hello I am a fairly new DL who has not yet experienced all types of diapers. I will ask for help from time to time and would love to meet new friends. My name is Casey and I'm a TB/TDL I like diaper girls and mummys if anyone wants to meet up. I could also meet with other boys to discuss stuff...
  4. M

    Summer Nurse

    In the fall, I'm starting my first year of medical school. I've dreamed of being a pediatrician since I was a little girl and I'm getting ready to make that dream come true. I got great grades in school and had a "full ride" so my mom and dad said they could pay for me to go to one of the best...
  5. TexasToddler

    Hello :)

    Hello hello! Just found this website, finally some other TB/DL's to talk to :) lol funny, Im actually wearing a wet Pampers right now, makes my day :) ANYWAYS, im in Texas, the Fort Worth area to be exact, totally single guy looking for a girlfriend who shares my interest in diapers who wants...
  6. FievelandTonyAB93

    Greetings from Virginia!

    Hello everybody of the ADISC forum! My name is Camden. I am 18 years old and I am about to graduate from my high school pretty soon. Regarding diapers, I have been expressing interest in wanting to wear diapers and somewhat roleplay as a baby over the past year when I was watching the Adult...
  7. PaddedSuperboy

    Hello everyone

    I just joined :) Lemme introduce myself I'm an 18 year old from Nebraska who now lives in Texas. i was a bedwetter my entire childood and being a diaper wear made me love diapers and wearing them later in my life i just recently finally started buying and wear adult briefs and diapers i...
  8. M

    Hey im mike 14 ;)

    hey im mike, im from manchester, england and im 14. [Removed] im more curious then an actual dl or tb [Removed] and this is the perfect site for that :smile1: x
  9. C

    Hewo All!

    Hewo I'm Alex, I live in Huntingdon, England but I'm American. I am a teen baby and want to make friends with other teen babies. Thank you XXXX hugs :biggrin:
  10. S


    Hey, I'm Soccerfreak, and i just joined the site. I'm 15 years old, headed into my sophmore year of high school. So pumped that i'm one step closer to being an upperclassman. :D I've had an interest in diapers forever. For instance: back when i was in elementary school i dared my cousin to wear...
  11. PampsAimi


    Hello, not really new here, but new as in member new I guess.... Well None the less I lurked this site here and there, and now it forced me to make an account so here I am :D Umm.... about me I'll be 17 soon, and I buy my own diapers so no problem there, :D Thank god for parents working the...
  12. Ikimasho

    HI :) (Newish TB)

    Hello, I am fairly new to the site and am interested in finding people with the same kindof interests :D I am a 17 year old TB, my sexual orientation is straight, and i am single.. i enjoy Pull-ups such as Goodnites, but i also enjoy Pampers Size 7. I am too nervous to buy adult diapers, but...
  13. B

    Hii :3

    Hey I'm new here and I just recently realised I'm a tb.I've never used a diaper before because I can't afford them, but I've always liked the feeling of my pads. Btw I am a girl and would love to talk to people make friends and hear your experiences :3
  14. P

    Hiya! Im new!

    I thought I already posted an intro. But I guess not. Anywho. Im Cassie, im a TB/DL. I have yet to actually get diapers:sweatdrop: Im really crazy and I like acting like a little girl! I believe I am 2 years old at heart <333 talk to me! C:
  15. 8ball

    my intro :D

    hey guys! i'm really excited to be here and i feel like i'm going to like it here a lot! :):smile1: i'm glad that there are so many people here that are like me and understand me! i will go ahead and mention up front that i'm about 13 years old and i live in missouri. I don't think there's much...
  16. parks

    Hey, from Gresham, Oregon

    Yeah. Hi. lol. I've never really introduced myself on here. I joined on another account a while back but I didn't remember my login name. I'm from a town called Gresham, Oregon. It's right next to Portland, Oregon. I'm 16, I go to high school im going to be a junior this year. My hobbies are...
  17. Rawrzipan

    Yo Everyone!

    Yo, I'm Wolfpup270, you can call me wolf or wolfpup. I have many hobbies (tennis, martial arts, golf, reading, surfing, tv, gaming, surfing the internet, band) and I have memories of being a wolf (past life, most likely) and I try to wear diapers as much as I can. I am also thinking about...
  18. G

    Hello Everyone.

    Hello to everyone here. I'm so glad to have found this site! I don't feel so alone anymore. Here's some info about me: I'm 15 years old. I absolutely love diapers. I've been wearing them for about 2-3 years now. I'm bisexual. And I'm always looking for new friends! I'm a nice person and...
  19. W

    Hello from WetnBulky

    Hey everyone, I'm new here but want to give a "brief" (HaHa) introduction of myself. I was a bedwetter as a kid until I was about 12 (I'm in my late 20's now). During my younger years I wore normal diapers (Pampers, Luvs, Huggies, etc) until I outgrew them. The oldest I remember being while...
  20. captainAmazing

    Since when?

    Since this is the diapers thread i assume that everyone here likes diapers, the only qustion then is: since when? I know that i personaly have liked diapers for as long as i can remember, and i'm talking since potty training :eek:, and have atempted to sieze any opportunity to aquire some. For...